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    [RSGP] Level 80 Law Runecrafting Skiller | Decent Skills [RSGP]I'm here selling my Runescape Skiller account. It was Rolled back a bit so I no longer want to play on it. I'm ONLY accepting RSGP because I need funds for a different account I'm working on. Bid away. Skills: Quests: Items:sell lvl 37 29 hp 61 rangeselling one of my extra pures was member isnt anymore..has 400k member item bank. stats are 1 att 1 str 1 def 61 range 1 pray 1 mage 29 hp. shoot me some offers looking for runescape gold.[Buying] 9Hp Pure [PayPal]I'm looking to BUY a 9hp pure. Looking for it to be 1 in all combat skills. I'm willing to offer $10-15 depending on the account. Private message me, post on here; Or even add my to discuss.CB 20 49 DEF 30HP Has 1 Month MembershipHey today I'm Gonna sell my Defence Pure 49 DEF 30HP CB 20 with 70 Wc 69 Fletching and Various other skills I'm Selling this to Fund my skiller If you have any Questions PM me or Add me on : [email protected] or post below A/W15m S/B 1k? It has No wealth Because it go cleaned Stats: Login Blackmarks (0)Ownage F2p Str Pure!! [rsgp]Selling this STR pure for a cheap price!! A/W = 10m let the bidding beginLow Def Range Pure lv 34f2p/p2p [PAYPAL]This account is in the safe/green zone Selling for $5(USD) PAYPAL ONLY NO RSGP if interested please contact me on :[email protected] Pure lv 57 f2p/p2p [PayPal ONLY]I'm selling this account for $10(usd) via paypal (IM NOT TAKING RSGP) If interested please contact me on :[email protected] Obby PureSelling this obby pure 1330k been working on it for a while but my friend gave me his obby pure so i dont need one any more. It has 330k on him so you are really only spending a mil and tbh im pretty much only selling this account for a vouch and i could use a mil as well, thanks for your time
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.