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    99 Strength Pure [30M RSGP] Hurry!Hello, today im selling a 58 Combat, 99 Strength Pure, every skill is 1, except Constitution, Strength, attack and range, i an only selling this account because i am bored of using it to pk with now so i am selling for RSGP, the account has no email registered or recoveries and the account has no wealth, good luck on buying! if your going to buy, dont bother messing me around! also if you would like i can prove the account is mine by meeting you in-game. Let the offering begin, ill accept anything as a bid over 20M Leading Offer: 20M, Offer made by: rape.exe. if you post your offer and below so i can add you will be most appreciated!buy Range or Stre pure!!Delete!Buyng pureDelete![RSGP] Selling account 82 Mage Dt MM done [RSGP]Selling hybrid account offerCombat level 40 76 mage pure. -Cheap!Hi guys i have a level 40 combat f2p with 76 mage. All other skills are 1! Will use OMM if you'd like at your expense. Has no bank except 100k. Sorry pictures are a little blurry taken off phone. I will delete recov questions and email when sold. Any questions feel free to P.M. me. A/W :5m[Selling]Starter Range Tank Cb 42[RSGP]C/b A/w 2m[10+Vouches] lvl 3 RUNE MINER [RSGP] CHEAP!Hey guys, Ive been working on a pure recently and needed some extra cash quickly to level up range so i am selling my rune miner! So I'm not looking for a ton for this account, and i will NOT go first. A/w is set at 5m, but I am willing to negotiate Feel free to PM, and my is in sig. Thank you guys happy bidding![RSGP/Trade] Selling level 3 Skiller CheapJust need some quick cash. Not asking for much. I know that i only have a few posts and stuff and that you probably won't trust me, but this is the first account I'm gonna sell an account so I don't really know how to do this. So anyways I'm only accepting RSGP or another account. So yeah, hopefully this goes well. There's no minimum bid or anything just name your price and illl see if its good. If you have any questions feel free to pm or something. I have no offences or anything, my bank is about 1m, not that much :p. Has 0xp in all combat skills.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.