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    [F2P]SKILLER 62 mining -500k-PM me here, or my is [email protected] Looking to get a lil bit of cash for a f2p pure im currently making 500k takes the account. (note) the account has a fake login name. The email address along with recoveries have never been set. Also the account has never been a member.[F2P Pure] 3 Gravites [RSGP]CLOSEDSelling two accounts, $4/$10Account #1 -4 :// :// :// waterfall + horror from the deep done. Account #2 - 10 :// :// :// frem trials + grand tree + horror from deep + monkey madness + desert treasure + waterfall. You go first or you get the MM.[54 cb]range staker/starter pure/great skills[54 cb]account current stats: 77 ranged 68 hitpoints 60 strength 16 attack 1 prayer 1 defence 1 summon 50+ dungeoneering+ alot of quest requirements[PP,RSGP] Low level P2P Product | Gmauler | 250 ZealsLevel 54 Combat 2M Bank Nearly Maxed for its Cbt level Product These acc's are fun as Hell! I've sold plenty of accounts, check my vouch thread, no bad feedback. I trade with legitimacy only Scammers back off. Autowin - $12.50 PP 25M RSGP - Autowin I can provide all Information upon this account. I've lost complete interest in this account and need it gone. Getting turmoil on my zerker and I need a little cash. If i tell you it will pass a recovery test, it will, if you want more information on this please add my . RECOVERIES ARE REMOVED!!!FREE LV 10 acc mage pureFREE ACC . MAGE PURE first to post gets... its free....79 Dung 1 Def Pure *cheap***SELLING FOR CHEAP! OFFER ME A REASONABLE CHEAP OFFER! IN DESPERATE NEED OF GP!!!** Hi. I am currently selling a pure dung account. It has 1 def and 79 dung. I am looking for runescape gp. Either you go first or I find a trusted mm. It has never been members or had recoveries set. Also it is signed up with email and you can also have access to the email as well. The acc. Combat level- 51. Please either post here or pm me if interested.Selling Level 92 Fisher Suitable for LRC> Specs 92 Fishing 46 Combat No Email Account Or Recovery Questions Set No a/w is set * Account has been trained by me and only me
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.