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    [WTB] Lvl 3 Skiller w/ 3x99s [WTB]Looking to buy a Skiller with atleast min. 2 99s. I'd prefer all stats to be atleast trained(Skilling ofc). But if some arent, thats fine. Only looking for serious sellers so perferbly someone with a high amount of vouches or Buyer/Seller Value. I Can pay with either RSGP or Cash via PA. I only have use to my Debit Card, if any other methods just talk to me and I'll swing it some how.cb 48 hybrid40 attack 63 strength 1 def 61 constitution 67 range 56 magic has a 562 total right now. looking to get 15m ill go lower if we can do this trade fast, want rsgp but i will also go for a 1 month membership pin. has no email or recoveries set. acc has never been member! no point in pictures cuz there isnt anything in bank not going first to anyone. message me your username and ill add you in rs if you want to see it firstLevel 53 Blitz GmaulerSup guys, Selling my last pure as i rarely play now, and if i do its to train my main; never focused on a main so i'm having fun when i do play =P Recoveries will be removed when a buyer is found, and i'll assist in transferring the reg'd email to your own. 3 Months of membership purchased VIA Paypal, receipt will be forwarded to you. Account has Full Ancient book + Guthix Book (paid 15m+ for both) Account has black gloves from RFD All information from creation will be supplied. Looking for RSGP. Thanks W = 25m / Login: :// This account has never had recovs and never had an email set.Buyin summon pure or 99 magebuyin summoning pure or a 99 mage acc. post pics below and ill offer.buying a starter pure or obby mauler , or range 2h accountvery interested in buying a decent account . account must have one defence and not have anything done on it that will ruine it , i will pay a very good price for a decent account. the seller must be trusted; atleast guru and a decent amount of vouches. add my which is in my signature. talk more thereBuying starter obby mauler!Post here please. Thanks
Thread Status:
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