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    Selling level 7 Skiller [3 99s/85dung]Well I don't use this skiller anymore sooo selling it Has 99 fishing, cooking, and woodcutting All the circus outfits Some eggs from wc nests 100% not botted Email has not been set fully. Has membership til November 19th Has 266k dung tokens Been member since October 2008 :///showthread.php?p=9941946#post9941946 My vouch so far, but have done numerous trades with gp sellers. I will not go first, OMM at your expense. Paypal/Moneypak will be main ways to buy RSGP will go with .70/mil Does have bank pin but is being removed I will accept reasonable offers. [email protected] PicsClick Here, Click Here!Hey Guys, I'm selling a level 49 CB account, With 50 atk, 60 str, 41 dung, 52 hp, 37 smithing, 99 cook, 81 fm, and 4 wc. The account is non-members BUT has a couple members items in the bank worth around 250k or so. *Amulet of Glory's , Teletabs. -The account also has Loyalty outfits in the bank. :// And the username is iAm A MiIf Name your offers. I don't care how much, as long as it's reasonable.FT Obby Mauler//Mith Gloves//99wc ( 1 2)No longer for sale, sorry.selling level 3 with 89 smithinghey im selling a acc with 89 smithing real close to 90 im looking for rsgp offers reason for selling i have no use for a skiller i have way to many accounts on the go right now wanting some cash to do some stats on my main rsgp offers only im orginal owner of the account no black marks i have all info acc. having troubles getting the picture of the account but i can log in n show u in game if ur intrested it keeps saying error tryed like 5 times ill keep trying tho my vouches can be found here: :///showthread.php?p=9984497#post9984497 ://s1192.photobucket/albums/...t=forsale5.png80 dung! 1 prayer, 1sum, 1 def 200k tokens!Hello members of , today i am here selling my dung pure. with 80 atk it will be 58 combat! with a chaotic!(good for staking!). CURRENTLY LEVEL 56!! The autowin (70m). We can use a omm at your cost's or you can go first. This account is pretty good . highest offer:none75+ Vouches*Rsgp*Failedpure's Account ShopCurrently selling these Accounts Starter Gmauler with 87 mining and 75 hunter 78 dung pure 46 attack and 71 strength Only accepting Rsgp No black marks on all accounts is [email protected] Bid away.Selling starter skiller Lvl 3. [PP]I have a level 3 skiller with great potential, it has no blackmarks, email or recovery questions. All hand leveled and have had the account for quite a while. No membership remaining and the account has no wealth, other than afew junk items. Using a or going first to trusted people becuase i got scammed yesterday when buying :/ Looking for paypal money please, Offer away Heres the stats: ://moooo/image/814a0aa Any questions and stuff feel free to message me thanksRSGP/PAYPAL Aku's account shop nice accs, pure/main/skiller OMM WILL BE USED.I DO NOTICE IM A NEW COMER, I FORGOT MY OLD NAME NOT A JOKE SO WE WILL USE AN OMM. ACCEPTING RSGP/PAYPAL ONLY NO SWAPS AT ALL. SINCE 75% OF ACCOUNTS ARE PHISHED. first, a main with 101 dung! very nice pics: EMAIL WILL BE CHANGED TO BUYERS EMAIL, WILL DO A RECOVERY TEST WITH AN OMM! Stats+chaotics: Baron in front of name! awesome, 6 chaotics 101 dung 99 hp,str,101 dung awesome!!!! now, my rapier pure i dont use annymore!, soz its f2p, price will decrease cause its free to play :p: log-in stats+rapier and other things and as u can see, almost 92 str, 81 cb!: and also i got a lvl 3 with 99 smithing, all cb stats 1 33 craft 4 mining rest all 1 and 99 smith, 2,3m memb stuff on it, FOR SALE TOO CBA POSTING MORE PICS ATM XD THERE ARE NO A/W'S YET, SO JUST BID AWAY XD ADD MY : [email protected] OR : AKUISABAWS
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