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    Selling accounts [With members!Hi . Im now selling 3 accounts. 1. 20 def intiate pure, with a saradomin holy book worth 5m, this account has 2 month of membership left!! 2. DDS pure with 31 prayer, with 2 months of membership left!! 3. Rune pure with prayer, it has a zamorak book, worth 25m!! (i bought the pages for 6m for a year ago :3) Add me on or if you are intrested! We can discuss prices there. : [email protected] : azencss C u!selling an excellent pure !Hey , guys I am selling an excellent account , 60atk 71str 1def 81range 80magic , very nice for pking , dont miss this chance to have this account ://accountmmo/uploadfile/en_119672625.gif if you are interested in this account , please add my : [email protected] range 2h pure f2pplease post pics or post your own thread. I have max 20m offer[miner] Level 3 Miner/fisher [rsgp] *cheap*SELLING FOR CHEAP - COMES WITH PICKAXES WILL GO FIRST TO TRUSTED MEMBERS LEADING BID: 1.1M Never been member. No black marks/bans at all. Fake email login, no recoveries. Not looking for much, post offers.[Paypal Only] Level 38, 1 Def Pure, GP's, Cheap [Paypal Only]Selling this mofo cheap az hell, gettin outa scape quickly. Bank/Stats: Untradeables: Login: Offences: A/W: $10 USD : [email protected][RSGP][PP]Selling lvl 3 skiller with 800k+ tokens and 94 dung[RSGP][PP]boaaaaaObby Starter (99 Mining)Selling the account below RSGP or Paypal is accepted, serious bids only. (may do swaps to what I consider to be a trusted member) Has only 700k wealth on the account. *********Recoveries and e-mail won't delete, I haven't no idea why? So i'll just supply you with the pw to the email and the recovery answers.**********buying a str purehey guys im here today only buying a str pure ok guys i know im not rich but the max i can spend is 3.5 so ya just show me the str pures :p
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.