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    Buying Str PureNeeds to have 80+ Strength rest skills 1 no bank needed willing to pay up to 13m post offers down in comments please thanks.Want To Buy A Lvl 90+ Mage/range Pure. Cmbt Must Be As Low As Possible! :) Look!Title speaks well for me I shall like to purchase a high lvl mage/range acc, other stats MUST be 1 except for hp of course. For the hp, i would prefer 10 or 99 but OTHER levels are welcome. MAGIC/RANGE stat as HIGH as possible. Post here first and we shall discuss on . Also post the PRICE and I shall seriously consider. Not wanting to spend much and I'm looking for the range/mage pure acc that you don't need etc. YOU MUST NOT HAVE EMAIL/RECOVS REGISTERED. THANKS! (don't be afraid by this, mm's could help remove ) Payment methods 1. OMM u pay fees! Repeat OMM, not VMM or MM please (UNLESS i agree). RECOVERY TEST shall be done. 2. YOU shall go first. (Repeat u, not me) i will NOT go first to anyone. 3. No half/half or any other crap. Ty, dewey~~ It should look something laike this[PP] $10 - Level 38 // 99 Agility, 93 Woodcutting 3m+ [PP]QUICK SALE Autowin - $10! I will supply the buyer with: Recovery details, old passwords, internet provider, emails etc and swap the email from mine to their email address during the trade. Account comes with: 99 agility, 93 woodcutting, 3M+ in gold & items, 5 days membership. I will go first to trusted users. Contact me - PM me/post below if you are interested with your . Picturesselling level 30 mage pure, 99 hunter 1 def pray summ./tinypic?ref=29mln3b" target="_blank">[​IMG] /tinypic?ref=2dkjx2f" target="_blank">[​IMG]+ Buying Pures with level 99 Stat(s) +Hey. I am seeking Pures (40 Attack or lower, 1 Defence) with a 99 or close to a 99 skill. I will only be purchasing accounts from people who I deem trusted. Feel free to leave a post, PM me or add my . : [email protected] Thanks.SELLING EPIC WC SKILLER! LVL 3, 82 WC! MUST SEE~ [Paypal/rsgp]The title says it all, here are some pics if you would like to view. Payment Methods Paypal/Rsgp. Paypal for very trusted members and rsgp for everyone else. Would prefer selling to trusted members. I will not go first unless you have TONS of vouches more than me, if not? OMM (u pay fees) or a VMM/MM which we both agree to. A/W PRICE: NONE SET AT THE MOMENT, START THE BIDS AND OFFERS! (recoveries and email are set but will be taken of once sold. The mm could help take away by recovering the account which removes the registered email and recoveries ) LOOKING FORWARD TO A SMOOTH TRADE WITH YOU Post here before adding me on ,Skaters Skiller Shop!Basically, im new to the scene so im trying to get vouches by doing this FREE skilling service/skiller making service. There are a few rules and here they are. Always vouch If I am making you an account, I will NOT buy it Members. Certain Accounts (with high stats ect) will need paying for. Basically im not getting you a 99 Free. All, if any payments will be RSGP. ALL Supplies , or atleast money for supplies Must be SUPPLIED! I WILL NOT PAY FOR SUPPLIES But apart from that, if you want some free skilling or a skiller made for you. then talk to me on [email protected] or comment below. EDIT: Not doing runecrafting anymore. unless paying.[1 Def, Pray, Summ] Selling dung Pure [80 Dung & 200K Tokens]Never had Email Never Had Recs One Password Member till the 16th Aug My Only : [email protected] A/W 60M S/B 30M
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