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    a/w15m! 99 mining with 89range and other random statsYou guys can bid im not looking for too much, just a decent amount. a/w-15m Vouch thread! got one from kerokero forum mod! =D plus sold one account already. sythe/showthread.php?t=1016690Looking for a range tankI am looking for a range tank the combat level must be inbetween 80 and 90 it must have atleast 94 range and magic and have veng. It must have over level 60 dungeoneering. Preferably level 44 prayer but if you have less or smite I don't mind, anything more than that i'd have to think about. Post your details and the account below im flexable with price but we will be doing a recovery test, thank you.[RSGP]Epic Pure- 99STR/96RNG/2DEF/70cb[RSGP]Accounts All Hacked Away From Me By Sythe User{RSGP} Selling amazing starting G-Mauler account! 99 Magic, 81 Dung, 90+ Str and Hp! ( 1 2 3)Closed.2 pures 99 range and 93 str!!!both accs done mm and dt looking for about 30mil for both. trusted! Selling both accounts because ive just made a new one, no recoveries or emails on either. i will not be going first and if you want mm you can find and pay fees. (DO NOT TRY AND EVEN MAKE IT HAPPEN). Starting bids on both 10m each. happy bidding. **SAFE AND TRUSTED** Feel free to bid away. : [email protected] 1st acc no recs or email. 2nd acc no recs or email. add me on .High Skills - Chaotic Staff - Low Lvl Quested Acc! [rsgp]It has 16k extreme magics, 6k recover specials ~10M wealth. 95farming 96herblore 100% legit. - Only RSGP - Will use OMM - No other accounts - AW ~ 150M - : [email protected] - Its quested. - No bankpin. When you buy it, you will receive a .txt file including: Membership information, First password and 2 more passwords. The current password. Internet service provider and city, where the account is created from.[RSGP/PP] Selling combat 89 rune pureYes, I know there are recoveries on the account, but I will provide the answer to them. Sorry for there being recovs but I am honestly too lazy to wait 14 days to remove them lol. Great pking/dueling account. Unfortunately I don't have much time to play it anymore these days with working 60+ hours a week to try to start saving money for my child I have on the way. Will take either rsgp or $$ through paypal. All offers considered.Selling Pro Dds pure [H0T]Selling this pure for rsqp or any other good pure! Can meetingame! No mail or recs!
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