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    73 cb , 91 range 94 mage , fire cape.Hi , im selling this pure for RSGP only! no swaps. Theres a fire cape , MM , DT , RFD addy gloves completed. Please post your offer and so i'll add you.1def pure - 99 mining, 94 magic, mm+dt done, addy gloves, firecapeAuto / Win => 40m My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 94 magic 3. Gots fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed[selling beast accounts] 2 for 1.hello. i know i am new memember to this community but i am trusted member from rsbuddy. if u want to check me go ahead. i have many account and huge amount of rsgp so i will not scam. anyway on topic now. i want to sell these 2 accounts here because there isnt market on rsbuddy and i need cash. so here are two acc. these are 2 great account and account number 1 has 99 mage banked and u can make 99 smithing from it aswell. PRICE: I ONLY WILL ACCEPT PAYPAL. STARTING BID: £70 A/W= £100. IF YOU ARE INTRESTED IN BUYING PLEASE LEAVE UR . THANK YOU GZIKUUUSpending 75m On A Ibanpure/obby/def/80dung/pure Range AccountsUploaded with OK LIKE EVERYTHING IN LIFE THERE ARE RULES(THANK GOD), FIRST OFF IM NOT ACCEPTING ANY EMAIL-LOGIN ACCOUNTS IM ALSO ONLY DEALING WITH PEOPLE WITH GOOD VOUCHES AND NO EMAILS OR RECOVS ARE TO BE SET ON THE ACCOUNTS, THAT'S THE WAY I ROLL IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT PLEASE DON'T POST I WAS SCAMMED 20M BY sythe/member.php?u=255657 BUT BESIDES THAT I ALSO WANT YOU TO POST HERE B4 YOU ADD MY OR PM ME, IT IS REALLY ANNOYING WHEN YOU HAVE LIKE 20 INVITATIONS AND NO POSTS, AND IVE RAN INTO LIKE 5 PEOPLE WITH FAKE NAMES CLOSE TO TRUSTED ONES ON SYTHE IM NOT HERE TO PLAY GAMESSelling lvl 64 ranger 91 ranged!!!Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with this account has never had recovs or as you can see registered email..Aswell this account has no strikes against it! Payment in RSGP only no trades!!! Make Offer bidding starts at 1m because I only have one post I will either go first or pay for MM of your choice![Swap]94 Zerker Pure [Swap]Before you read this topic i am only takin rs swaps accounts What im looking for? A good pure with these stats Atleast 1 90 cb stat 82 mage + 80 range + 1-30 defence prefably Rfd done Dt/MM/HFD done atleast 5m+ bank welath OR a good skiller 80+ Stat With atleast couple 60+ stats 1 Defence 10m atleast Heres my offer Login only has 17 days of p2p now Stats are still there same Bank have 6-7m bank still fire cape + gloves but no defender due to bein hacked[RSGP]SELLING PERFECT F2P PURE, 66 CB, Membercredit.[RSGP]Truth of the matter is well 2 weeks ago I got CLEANED at the duel arena 1.5bill sadly I don't wanna quit because this game plays a big part in my life and I have an awesome turmoil zerker pure which I do not want to give up and I'm going to need some rsgp to keep my going. -View Me Losing 475m here. Facts about this account - I have the orginal account creation date Full recoveries Member credit left as of 5/30/11 No Recoveries/Email set. This is a perfect account for all you f2p fans out their. over 100 monk robes on the account. Starting - 30 A/W = 85m I WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTING RSGP. VOUCHES Quote: Originally Posted by mazaba vouch for him. bought 820m for 41m rspg we did in incriments i went first! Quote: Originally Posted by Namez4sale Vouch sold me 350m Total for 17m RSGP! Quote: Originally Posted by Namez4sale Vouch for Jonathan bought another 570m Of him 100% legit. Will keep buying until my BS stock is big enough. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO TRADE WITH HIM Quote: Originally Posted by weedpker Huge vouch!! bought a green phat for 25m rsgp SMOOTH!! Quote: Originally Posted by thehaloguy Big love you vouch!!!!!! Went first and gave him 15m for a purple party hat and then 5m for another 40m, Trade went smooth. No problems. I'll buy again. Quote: Originally Posted by gotfarmcape Huge Vouch bought 1.2b! was fast and smooth! Quote: Originally Posted by Crack_Pipe Vouche for Sir (Johnathan Trimborne) of Narnia... 15m bsgp....Time to blow it all Quote: Originally Posted by The 1337 prodigy Vouch, sold me 1B BSGP, in increments! Fast/Quick. Quote: Originally Posted by weedpker vouch just got 420m for 21rsgp Thanks again! Quote: Originally Posted by dunknoe1337 big fat vouch! went smooth bought 400m Quote: Originally Posted by jackster16 Fast and efficient thanks so much bought 1b on bs and i went first! Quote: Originally Posted by The 1337 prodigy Another amazing vouch, bought another 1B BSGP. Thanks! Quote: Originally Posted by Joey666 Bought 120m, paid in 2m increments, he's legit. May be buying more in the future. Quote: Originally Posted by Namez4sale Vouch to the most legit BSGP seller on sythe.Bought a total of 1.3b now he never even turned to scam when i was going first. 100% legit, will be doing buisness with him again. Quote: Originally Posted by DropKickin Vouch this kid is a LEGEND bought 1.3b Quote: Originally Posted by 2pro Huge vouch. Bought 1b and there were no problems. 5 minute trade Quote: Originally Posted by LargeBulkBuyer vouch for this legit bsgp seller sold me 145M for 7M rsgp, will do business with this guy again for sure!! HUGE VOUCH Quote: Originally Posted by LargeBulkBuyer VOUCH FOR this dude bought another 160M ogff this guy extremely legit and very fast. i love him Quote: Originally Posted by BulletProof Service Vouch for this dude bought 140m off him for 7m rsgp, i went first and everything went fast and smooth, i gave him the whole 7m and trusted him and he sent me the gold afterwards will deal with him again!! Quote: Originally Posted by gotfarmcape Thanks! bought another 730m! Fast and Easy just like usual! Quote: Originally Posted by king mauler This guy is 100% legit! he lets you go first: i bought 400m bsgp for only 20m rsgp, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED=) thanks again man Quote: Originally Posted by gotfarmcape Bought another 834m! Fast and Easy as usual! Quote: Originally Posted by s h 4 d 0 w Vouch! Bought 400 mil I Went First! Quote: Originally Posted by I niga I BIGG love you SEXY VOUCH FOR Johnathan I WENT FIRST WITH 40m AND HE DIDN'T SCAM ME CHEERS man. Quote: Originally Posted by Relentless.Jack Big love you Vouch Trusted With 275m Quote: Originally Posted by LargeBulkBuyer vouch for Johnathan Trimborne bought 150M for 10M rsgp ultrafast ultrasmooth as always ^^ Leave a message here or my PM box, My as always, [email protected]@@ selling range 2h pure (pp) (rsgp) @@pictures speak for themselfs. non member ready for dt quest 2 mill bank not asking much contact me through and i will provide all information [email protected] cb 69
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