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    giving 99 mage runescape account for pizza!I will give this runescape account for a pizza preferably 2 medium 2 toppings and a 2 litter coke it should all come below 20 dollars and i think its a good deal. I am starving and there is currently no food in my house. I will gof irst to trusted. please post here or add I am trusting whoever buys with my home adress so clearly I would not scam. I will give accoutn once i recieve the email confirmationf rom dominoes. Ill go first to trusted my [email protected][RSGP] Selling 95str 77atk 61def 78wcSelling my account that has decent stats on its way to becoming a barrows pure. Looking for RSGP offers only. Deleting recoveries, no e-mail or pin. Need some offers; ill except anything reasonable Uploaded with Selling 1 Def 76cb Pure Cheap -Hi I'm here to sell you my 1 def almost maxed ags'er pure, instead of me just typing out all the buisness here is a bunch of pictures with all the info. Also I have done most of the pure quests apart from a couple, and for them most of the pre req's are already completed. This is its bank, all items will remain as it is currently FtP. These are the skills, mostly combat trained and then skills trained for quests + runecrafting. No recoveries, email, ect. No black marks. BELOW INFORMATION HAS CHANGED SEE MOST RECENT POST. The price I am looking for is pretty reasonable; Starting bid: 30$ + You go first or you pay OMM fees A/W: 100$ + You go first or you pay OMM fees Willing to go first only if you are HIGHLY trusted or mod. Post Below your offers and if you wish to talk post your and I will pm you mine.amazing 1 def pure for sale ( 1 2)pm me or :[email protected] accepting swaps. rsgp. and paypal.SELLING / Mith gloves/ DT / 99 mage / 86 Str Rusher 40m!Ok i know i'm new and i will go first to anyone who is trusted. I will use an OMM i dont mind. The account has a 4 letter name is kinda good. Owns in wildy has mith gloves full zammy book and guthix book. A/W is 40m no lower lower as im now working on my near maxed main : [email protected] Now got: 60 attack 31 pray 72 combat[RSGP] Lvl 70 pure fully quested 90 range 92 mage 60 att 77 str 94 wc!A/w: 40m Has Membership and rocks at wildy. Has All 1def pure quests done, dt, rfd up to addy gloves. etc. Screenies: Contact me on here or Xbox: AxGayXBeaner or runescape username: IG maulI *update his wcing is now 94.[RSGP] Level 68 pure | 78 str| 82 mage| 83 range| 1 def |Havnt played my pure in months so trading it for RSGP, I have all major quests done, RFD(addy gloves), DT, MM, Animal Magnetism(ava accumulator), lost city, Horror from the deep(FULL Zammy/Guthix book), and many more 78 quest points. It is not registered to a email, I'll give you all original pw's/recovrys I'm looking for RSGP only, leave offers. 25m A/W Stats: Attack:60 Strength:78 Defence:1 Range:83 Prayer:44 magic:82 HP:73 (also see picture below) AIM- [email protected] or leave your info and i'll add you.Awaked Account shop! werry cheapSell 3 Accounts. 1 Acc Acc with:1854 total. 94range 99wc 99cook 99fm 91hunter 96fletch and other good skills. 2 Acc Good Dragon Pure with 99str 77atk 60def 72dung F cape voids d defenders tarso and other !!! 3 Acc Starting Void Range Pure 47Range 15def 44pray all stats 1 30member days left! Cannons in bank! I will show you all accounts in game. [email protected]
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