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    Selling staker : boxer 1pray/summonSelling my started or w/e boxer :] post offers.. look for about 20$ paypal or 30m rsgp... anyway post offers. some pictures; my only : [email protected] puregot lvl 133 main with 9 99s i can show in game to verify it im just looking for a pure with like 50mil on it.Buying pure!Hey guys! After three vouches I would like to purchase a Runescape pure account. I will need to get on the account to move items over, we can do this through YOUR team viewer! Thanks! Please post all offers Price range is a limit of $289 [email protected] need a slight amount of gp on account. I also need to apply 30 day membership before i purchase, will be done througH TVLevel 69 - PAYPALAfter 1006 days of not logging in, I think it is time to sell my account. Here are pics of the specs PAYPAL PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS THREAD MAKE AN OFFERSelling a nice level 69 pure 94 mage, D.T steel gloves (130M+ BANK)Okay guys, Today i am selling my pure. The reason i am selling this pure is because i am no longer in playing runescape, and am back onto world of warcraft. The account is in good standard it has no black marks or mutes. I am only selling this for paypal, no RSGP obviously im quiting. You will receive all wealth in this account. I will not set a A/w, just let the offers roll. My only : ( [email protected] ) Still got active membershipLevel 64! 87 mage, 60 attack,52 pray and lots more!Hey guys so im selling my account due to the fact i wanna buy a new account and just go nuts on it, So heres the account! Please feel free to pm me or : [email protected] Uploaded with Please feel to offer me RSGP OR a swap for maybe a good tanker or sick main. NO A/W so offer away I would prefer a middle man but if ur trusted we can work something out[RSGP] Selling GODLY G Mauler | 72 Str | 99 Magic | DT COMPLETED! ( 1 2)Hello my name is rjs and I am looking to sell this godly level 65 G mauler. I am the original owner and have 100% of the recovery information. I will gladly use a OMM and let them do a recovery check as long as your paying the fee's because I am unable to. The account does have a email login, I will provide the email account upon purchase. It currently does have a email and recoveries set but they will be removed and the email changed to yours when I find a serious buyer. I AM ONLY TAKING RSGP, NO SWAPS, NO PAYPAL. IMPOSTERS/SCAMMERS DON'T BOTHER YOU'L BE WASTING YOUR TIME! My is [email protected] Is now 75 str A/w set to 50M will take 40M tonight! Lvl 112+7 Main/Pker 95 Prayer 99rcHey guys i dont have pictures atm but if i see someone actually interested I will post pictures, so heres the noteable stats. 87 atk 99 str 92 hp 71 def (sigh :S) 79 range 95 mage 95 prayer 99 Runecraft 91 Hunter 80 dung. 85 Herblore - It has got a rapier What price / payment am i looking for? -RSGP only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - 95 prayer costs about 200mil so bare minimum I am looking for is 200mil. 99 runecraft is a very respectable skill and takes alot of time and alot of my time it took, it has rapier that is also hard and takes awhile. The account only has rune gloves which I no is bad but.... 250mil + (stats are very good for pking to ) It took me a very long time to make this account like 3 years I have had it since young and It will take a very reasonable offer for my to sell.
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