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    Trading 2 accs for a skiller with 2+ 99sacc #1 :// pics of acc1 #1 of the accs have 86 dung with rigour and ccb and 99 range only 95 combat acc #2 :// pics of acc2 #2 of the accs has really high non combat stats and 94 magic 92 cbSelling several old accounts! --Offer--Hey these are sort of just lying around, ill take offers for them. These are all unbotted, zero black marks, pictures on request. The only thing really noteworthy about them is some stats, so here we go: combat 54 rune pure: 40atk 51str 40def 20rng 29pray 35mage 21rc 44hp 50mining combat 62 rune pure + gravite?: 43atk 60str 40def 61rng 34pray 57mage 10rc 59hp 34mining 35smith 45fish 47cook 32fm 30wc combat 38 hybridder: 30atk 49str 54rng 38mage 48hp combat 51 str pure/hybridder: 41atk 70str 20rng 46mage 59hp 3craft 50mining 3smith 76fish 59cook 72wc combat 54 gravite pure: 45atk 68str 28pray 36mage 58dung 58hp 68mining (around 23.5k dung tokens) skiller: 10atk 3str 14rng 10mage 10hp 60rc 57mining 56fish 77wc pm me or post offers below!(RSGP) Selling lvl 50cb acc with 70 WoodcuttingSelling this account. Legitly got up the ex levels myself. No recoveries needed. Has 53att, 52str, 37def, and planning to get the 70 woodcutting up a few more levels. Starts at 7m RSGP. Pm me if interested.[wanted] 0bby Maulerwell my friend just bought an obby mauler so i need one know to make twin pkers. i am paying very greatly if the accoutn has over 90 str and 1 attack 1 defence of course and if it has 55 slayer ill pay more but that isnt required. my is [email protected] =mlynch911Buying pure(80+ ranged, 80+ str)Must have 80+ ranged/strength Must be under 30 prayer Must be 1 or 2 defence. Must have no recoveries or email. Must be trusted(even if I'm going first) Spending up to 20m.99 FM Skiller/RangerToday I decided it would be best to clean out some of my old accounts, and i found this old one a few hours ago. I dont know what i want for it, but feel free to put up any offer, they will all be considered, never had any recoveries or email. pics: :// :// :// happy bidding. feel free to pm. I will not go first.Swapping a level 3 skiller for my turmoil pure!i need a level 3 skiller ill be swapping for my pure. : remixxpandahx : [email protected][RSGP] 48 CB With 93 Prayer and 89 Dung - 10+ 70+ stats [RSGP]OFFER RSGP ONLY! Contact me on : [email protected]
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