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    Level 60 | 80 Range 74 StrengthRecorverys and Email will be removed upon serious buyer. Runescape GP on please. Contact [email protected] Autowin is 10m. Quote: Originally Posted by T R 1 B A L Vouch to Sophies, trustworthy and reliable. Quote: Originally Posted by SellingNRItemsGp Vouch, super trusted. Will continue doing business. Trusted with 1b+ NR [[/ Uploaded with Quote: Originally Posted by ip0wns Vouch to Sophies sold me 1 upgrade and he went first. Very smooth trade! Quote: Originally Posted by FacelessVoid Big Vouch for Sophies. She has bought my pure and went first great customer! Recommended!{RSGP} Selling Good Starter Zerker/Addy Pure {RSGP}Hi guys Not origonal owner but i have changed all the details including the name,email,pass,recovs and a payment reference for members.. which i can send in a Notepad Document or can tell u over (IM) if you dont trust me. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO REMOVE RECOVS AND EMAIL I WILL JUST DEPENDS IF YOUR MAKING A SERIOUS OFFER Has about 392k worth of items, no cash (got cleared in Stake) done MM and LC havent done DT but have 53 thieve and 50 Firemaking for it. Has membership on it till 23rd April 2011 Combat : 80 Atk:60 Str:89 Def:35 Range:5 (but you can get 99 with no CMB lvls gained) Pray:33 Mage:66 (lost cash = no alchs ) HP:78 we can OMM (your expense) or you go first not gonna set an A/W just post a comment with either an offer or a request and add me on If theres anymore info you wanna know please ask away IM = [email protected] selling another great black pure.Hey im selling another great rs acc cb 78 . intersted me - [email protected][rsgp{pp}Fully quested Zerker *99 RC* [rsgp]{pp}Ello, im selling a fully quested zerker with 99 rc!, can make easy 1m a houer with double natures! email: [email protected] NO SWAPS, Not going first, only to Admins/Mods Edit: First post on my thread, then add me on ! Happy Bidding, Starting bid: 35m.swapping maxed korasi pure ( 1 2 3)Closed.BUYING 70 ATT 70 DEF or 60 defill be buying a 70 att 70 def only account or buying either a 99 att or 99 def pure only pm me me ur username and then add - [email protected] thxx W 17m!!!Sellig nice 93lvlTittle says all. Pic here : Member until 09/05/2011 21:59 UTC I accept offers in RSGP OR PAYPAL. I am not going first, if u cant trust me, i am willing to use OMM but u cover fee's. Pm me with offers
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