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    buying purelooking to buy a pker pure. here are my reqs 90-99 str 50-70 att 1 def 90 -99 range 85-99 mage must have dt mm lost city must have some money in bank pm me at [email protected] 81--93mage--90range--99hunter--5m Pretty good account. No bans or mutes or anything. Bored with runescape so I'm getting my little brother some cash. [email protected] is my . 99 hunter 93 mage 90 range No cash. Full black mystic but thats it. No pin, no recoves. no nothing. 5m rsgp Thanks[pp][rsgp]83 cmbt zerker 2 99's[pp][rsgp]Yup, I am selling my zerker with 2 99's almost 3 or 4. I will be accepting rsgp or paypal only. Pretty cool username I guess, lol. Plz don't low ball me, dont waste my time. There is no auto-win so bid away.I will only go first to those who I deam trustworthy. No email, or recoveries. DT, MM done and many more. Bid away.Selling 94+8 Great Zerker!!! [SWAP][PAYPAL]Hey Guys, I'm selling my great CB 93+9 beserker pure for a swap or paypal (more details below) Either you will go first or you will pay for a MM. I will go first if you are trusted To contact me: : [email protected] PM Me Post on this thread Autowin: 1 Defense Pure (good stats) or a good Main (preferably level 120+). I will put 20M on the account if you want to swap a main $100 Includes: Fire Cape Fighter Torso Barrows Gloves Korasi's Sword Full Elite Ranger Void Rune Defender Full Slayer Helm 80 Attack 88 Strength (very close to 89) 92 Ranged 95 Magic 87 HP 1674 Total... AND MORE
    Pictures Please contact me if you're interested, thanks! -Jero[RSGP]Selling lvl 66 skiller. CHEAP![RSGP]hello, this will be my second account im selling. i have a level 66 account, had it for awhile and im not doing anything with it. id be willing to sell it for cheap since its not a very impressive account but maybe it can be turned into something awesome. i am looking for rsgp only no swaps. i dont have but i can speak through pm/on rs/ or AIM. if you wanna OMM you will pay fees because im broke haha. 86 fishing 79 cooking. bank is about 250k wealth. a lot of small story line quests have been completed along with grand tree and major transportation quests. no email set to the account but there are recoves which will be removed in the event of the accounts sell. the ban pillar is clean all in the green zone. Happy Bidding.Level 63 Zerker/Rune Pure 99 WC.HI. lol. okie dokie. i'm here again to sell my starter zerker/rune pure. Not the greatest account, has potential and 99 is always a plus. Not looking for much, just post your offers, looking for a 5m a/w.[185+ Vouches][~40 Accs Sold] Lvl 80 Ranger | 99 Range, 20 Def | 99 HuntSOLD! Check for more amazing accounts found in my account store. Thank you.Legit Level 92 Zerker Pure (Paypal)Link to thread sythe/showthread.php?t=1122437
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