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    [300+ Vouches][125+ Acc's Sold] Lvl63 | 10HP_99Range_99Pray_99Mage_99Cons_99Herb |P2PSOLD! For more accounts visit my account shop. ThanksSelling 90LVL zerker for RSGP/PAYPALits really fun to pk with zerker but im really boored and want to play with my main PM me on : [email protected] combat -80 att 99 str 20 def 99 magic 95 prayer [RSGP]Hello, selling this account since I'm not using it anymore. Got all informations and will provide the buyer with them. either we use OMM or you go first as long as you're not more trusted than me. My : [email protected] Fill in this apply: : Going first/OMM?: Offer:[RSGP] Selling PRO LVL 93 Staker - 80 Dungeoneering! [RSGP]Hey guys, I'm selling my staking account I've been working on for a while... I'm looking for about 50M. We will use an OMM and split the costs in RSGP (Ex. If it's 6M, you give me 47M and you pay the OMM 6M)Buying Low lvl HybridMy offer is sythe/showthread.php?t=1209980 133 70 pray main has korsai f torso f hat b gloves etc.. great boxer! Im looking for an account with the following attack 50-75 str - 70-90 def - 1-20 pray - 1-55 Mage - 94+ Range - 90+ Summ --- Hp --- Needs to have had done DT We will use an MM recovery check when we swap, unless you wish to go first. Thanks[pp] selling level 72 w/ rubber chicken + easter ringsFirst off, I take paypal and nothing else. Middle man can be viable if you pay for it and he can prove on the spot that he is an official MM. ~ I'm not going first ~ I know how this website works I lurk here quite frequently, I also understand this is a relatively new account. If you have any problems with that, close the thread now and save yourself the effort. At the same time scamming is almost inevitable here but quite frankly if anybody is going to attempt a scam, save yourself the effort, as I'm not stupid (to the contrary) and it's only going to be a waste of my time and yours. Private message me any offers or feel free to post and bump this thread A/W 10$AUD [email protected] is my address. If you don't have and need to contact me for questions, offers or anything similar in nature feel free to private message me. [email protected] is my address. If you don't have and need to contact me for questions, offers or anything similar in nature feel free to private message me.Selling pure lvl 90 1x99 , 1x97 , 1x94! best pker zerk pure!Hey Guys! Im selling this amazing pure! Paypal and RSGP! RSGP! A/W is 60m PayPal! A/W is 20 usd picss---------------- stats: login: Text your here or pm me your !20 Defence Korasi pure ------OfferHey im kinda new and i like to sell my korasi pure i got bord of it ;D Its a nice account and owns in pvp, I accept RSGP and paypal cash Happy bidding!!!! If intrested you can contact me at [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.