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    Selling Barrows Pure/Range Tank/Starter Rune PureRSGP only No account swaps I go first if you are trusted All accounts are log in names Account #1: Starter Rune Pure [Combat Level 64] Account #2: Ranger Tank [Combat Level 66] Account #3: Starter Barrows Pure [Combat Level 88] This account is under construction for 80 dung, currently 55 dung[RSGP] Selling AGS pure. Addy gloves/75 dung/1def Great nameDecided to sell my 1 def tank pure (easier to say ags pure) it is member till june 1st I am looking for a decent amount of rsgp b/c: you can keep as it is and make it range/mage only pure train 80 attack and lvl str and get chaotic rapier keep as 75 attack pure and train str and be ags pure make it a tank, it has all attack quests done has never had email/recoveries Non email login will give: original pass IP address used to make Date/Time created Internet provider Recently got hacked for all the cash on it.. So imma just sell.. has about maybe 2m stuff on it.. A/W 50m Leading bid: 35m UPDATE: 81 theiving heres pics: From left to right Tome of frost. Arcane Stream. Nature Staff. Magic longbow sighted. saradomin cape. Runecrafting robe set. with quested addy gloves Will have no wealth on it for im selling it for rsgp. Will leave all the quest items/misc stuff in there along with dung items. Has a really good display name. If u want to know it just add me on and ask : [email protected][rsgp] buying a range pure [rsgp]I have another thread, but this can apply here also. I want a range pure. No recoveries. Must show ownership, etc message me at [email protected][Selling] Level 78 rune pure [Rsgp] or [Swap]STATS: Has email set but i will cancel once i've found a buyer. It has nothing on it! I want to swap for a level 60+ combat 1 def pure, i dont mind the stats but 60 i only want it to have 60 attack maximum[paypal][RSGP]Selling 94+4 tank! -- 99 Range 94 Magic w/ Fire CapeHey, today I will be selling my level 94 tank! I'm looking mainly for paypal, but i will accept RSGP Looking to trade with trusted members, willing to use a of my choosing. I will go first to trusted members, and I will expect new, low post count members, with no vouches to go first or use an OMM. I am the original owner, and I will provide all info to recover account with. Post or PM, and make sure to include your .~Donator~RSGP~Beastly lvl 71 pureclosed[5$] Beast pure for ONLY 5$ (Cheap!!!)Hello people so I need to sell this account. Been trying to sell for quite a long time Only 5$ It has no recovers or email set, i will go first to trusted members if not you will go first. My : [email protected](100m) buying an amazing 1 def pure must have dt done (100m) ( 1 2)i have 160m to spend depends on how good the acount is and i will not go 1st
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.