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    [PAYPAL] 15 Minning Accounts ~old bot farm~ 99 Minning ( 1 2)Old bot farm accounts. Am getting completely out of Runescape since bots are gone. All these are email login with the email to go with it. I have ALL original information. Only 1 password was used on each account. And NO RECOVERIES OR EMAIL on all but 2 of them. Will be accepting PP or LR only. NO TRADES OR GP. Price is 8$ each. RS125 :// :// RS127 SOLD RS139 SOLD RS140 SOLD RS141 :// :// RS142 SOLD RS144 SOLD RS146 :// :// RS148 :// :// RS149 :// :// RS151 :// :// RS152 SOLD RS156 SOLD RS157 SOLD RS158 SOLD If anyone is interested just PM me or post here. Conditions: I will not go first unless you are more trusted. I will use MM/OMM if you pay.Selling lvl 52 Pure + lvl 88 main with 20MI have never done anything like this before, so I'm going to apologize in advance if i do this wrong. Basically I don't play this game anymore, and just wanted to be rid of the 2 accounts I had on this game. I will post screenshots and more stuff if you want, and I will be selling these fairly cheap as I'm looking for a quick sale. I will use a If you want also, though I'm going to look into how this works before I decide how I want to sell it. I am looking for real money on paypal and will NOT do swaps, only cash. Remember I will upload screenshots if requested. Account 1 - Pure Att - 40 Def - 1 Str - 65 HP - 61 Range - 66 Mage - 59 Pray - 26 This account is completely clean and the mute/ban thing is empty on both of them. Item Worth - 2.8m, 1.8m cash, 1ms worth of pking gear. Account 2 - I didn't bother including stats for this account, Its a lvl 88 with average stats for that level.. it has like 70def 70atk 75 str and average stuff. I will include stats if requested. Item Worth - around 20M, not sure. has 4M cash, sara sword, d plate, d boots, d l and obby cape. If you want anymore information thats fine, im new to this kind of thing. please post cash only offers below.Selling A Rare Level 3 Veterans Account [Donator][Vouches]Hello i recently found one of my old accounts that ive never used before it is a lvl 3 veterans account and never before used and the rare name is Hax Max i will only be taking rsgp add my contacts [email protected] or my ranked. please post your contact info and post your offer or you can pm me thx good luck bidding~ SUPER RARE ACCOUNT ~ 9HP ~ 99 Mage and wc ~ BUNNY EARS ~ 50cb ~ RS GOLD ONLY ~I AM ALSO TAKING PAYPAL AND !! Sup! The account has over 16m wc xp. I'm back and I need some money for my lvl 3 skiller account I'm playing. I'm the first and only owner of the account. Only serious bids. Pictures: BELIEVE OR NOT, IT IS 100% LEGIT, NO BOTTING AT ALL. Either you go first or pay for the . EDIT: Heard about this classic cape thing, so it's 100% sure you can get one for this account. EDIT2: Now also paypal and EDIT3: So there is a veteran cape too? You can get one for this account!Jamesyy's Account ShopJamesyy's Account Shop Account #1 99 Strength G Mauler Account #2 99 Mining Account (has membership for 24 more days)Selling Multiple AccountsI am trying to sell these accounts; Lets lay down the rules. -I do not go first, sorry scammers. -I have always been the owner of these accounts. -Don't spam -Offer RSGP or PayPal -All information will be given after purchase. They May have recovery Q's or Email's on them but, that can be changed. Obby Mauler - Black Pure - Range Pure/99 Fishing - Defense Pure/99 Fire-making - Prayer Pure -Buying range pure with 75+ range!Nothing else than range and HP. Only trading with legit guys, and i will be going first/Omm. Will offer in RSGP/can offer ANY of these!: :///showthread.php?t=1280800 Thanks.Looking for a unique low level pure ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Looking for something out of the ordinary for low level pking. Will be dealing with trusted members only. Accounts must have no email/recoveries I can offer PP possibly, or mail cash, or RSGP. Looking for some of the following accounts -Cvls pure -Obby mauler -Tank mauler -Summon tank? -Low level with quests done -Reset accounts with quests done -Fun retard accounts -Low level def rangers (With HC or something good) Pures with Mith/Addy gloves are wanted. Please post pictures and asking price. ~~~ Haggling ~~~ "Ight den late"
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