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    [ Whip Staker ] 97att99str47def [1pray/summ]Autowin is set at 75m This is a great account for whipping and this is the first account i am selling on sythe. Yes the account has recovers on it. I will not go first and if your are not willing to go first, please provide an official OMM. I am a couple months new to this site and already know how many scammers are in this community and its quite sad.level 68--FIRE CAPE--99 WOODCUTTING--15M RSGPOK Guys...This was my old pure that i made after my main got banned for doing the 76k glitch a few years ago, this account has been mine ever since it was created, these are some useful things that have been done -Full guthix book -Ava's Accumulator -Fire Cape -99 Woodcutting with almost 15M exp -2M in items -Dragon Slayer done along with Death Plateau -1M+ per hour at mage tree's I have got a main account from a friend who quit so there is no longer any need for this account, need some money on new account so highest bidder of rsgp starting at 15M gets it...Good Luck Bidding... Leave a comment with your Bid or message me on [email protected][RSGP]99 mining skillerI am asking for 40m RSGP, here is a screenshot. and might I just add, 99 mining means you can mine rune ore, which sell on the G.E. for 10k-12k. VERY good money making ability.S> F2p Rune Pure [cheap!~]Selling this pure for whatever i can get, No longer use it. Attack is quests as i was using it as a 1def pure, but accidently got 30def and deciced to just train the rest to 40. NONE of the defence is quested. Bank is just afew sets of PK supplies. EMail will be transfered to yours upon payment and recoveries will be removed, and given to you. RSGP Only, Starting bid 20M.selling level 73 1 def pure 99 magic dt mith gloves accum look inside!hi im selling my pure because im bored of him and making a new account. a new work in progress. i have recovs as of right now till i find a real buyer then iwill take off stats and bank wealth: well thats my account happy biding post s and offers and ill add u thanks. is [email protected] deleting recovs now as we speak rsgp only or mayby a swap depends on what it is.Selling! Cmbt lvl 82 skiller acctLooking to sell for money via paypal. Reply with offer or information I can contact you on to negotiate a deal.(paypal)buying Staker!!(paypal)preferably a staker with 70 att and 70 def but post accounts here ty or add my -- [email protected] 2 amazing quested pures! Inititate and 1 def!Please Close this. Accidental double post sorry
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