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    Selling level 56 pure - 90 Dungeoneering! 520k Tokens!- 35 Attack; low enough to become a fully quested gravite pure - Reindeer Hat (Christmas 2006, no other holiday items) - 4 Letter login I think that's everything of interest. Feel free to ask stuff. Pics! We will be using an OMM and splitting the fees, unless you want to go first. Offers start at 20m. Bid away!WTB 99 Agility or 1 other (Low level)I'm looking for a lower Combat account with one of those skills (99) Runecrafting Agility Farming Construction Herblore. Post what you have, how much RSGP you are looking for. My is [email protected] lvl 6- 99 fisherHey guys im selling my skiller hes a fisher and has 99 fish leave offerrs first and i will go first if ud like because im not known on hereSelling GRapier/G2H 1Def Pure [RSGP]Gravite Rapier and Gravite 2H 1 Defense Pure Current Bid: 15M by zipuolen Auto-Win: 30M Hello Everyone. I am selling my Gravite Rapier / Gravite 2H pure. This project was fun, but I have moved onto my next one already. I am only looking for RSGP (as I am using it to fuel my next toon) So please NO swaps, cash, et cetera. RSGP ONLY! (NOTE: I will consider a zeal mule as a possible swap) Please post offers here. I do not plan on going first, unless I find you to be very trusted. If this is an issue, we can use an OMM (at your cost). When I have found an offer I am willing to take, we can discuss details further on or . Account will come as you see in the pictures. This is completely ready to go back out and PK in the wildy.Hello I Looking for obby PureHello i look for decent Obby pure with 60+ Strength I Trade accounts for me 5def pure or i buy it to max of 4.1m with 300k of items I well pay 2m off if it has 2 defance or like 10 defance or something If you know pure it means 1 defance Thanks, Australian Prod27CB 60 DEF Handmade pure! ( 1 2)Okay, re-advertising my defence pure, has an original login name which is relevant to the skill at hand :p Has never had an email or recoveries set (Email is pending, not sure which email but I can force remove that within seconds) Has never been botted, everything on there is legit, no chance at all of a ban. Here are some pictures. Wealth comes included with the account! Will not be going first for various reasons, but I am more than willing to use a OMM at your expenses. Do not have an A/W, highest offer wins. Will only take RSGP, do not currently have a PayPal account ready for use and do not intend making one.Selling 99 Agility Starter Pure!Pics! Stats are: Uploaded with Has monkey madness quest done Uploaded with No recovs or email + Has 1 Month Membs on it! (Renewed November 17, 2011) Uploaded with Offences Uploaded with Taking paypal or RSGP. Post with offers or pm BEFORE adding me on . i will not accept your invite if you havent posted or pmed me first, thanks!Selling very rare name + account!sold!
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