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    [RSGP] Selling a Starter Turmoil Pure [Low HP] [Good Skills][93 Mage][94 Fletch] ( 1 2 3)Title says most, i am selling this starter turmoil pure for rsgp. Stats: :// It has recovs that will be given to the buyer. Bank has little worth. Some quests done. S/B: 5m A/W: 11m{cheap!} Selling 98 Mining pure!! {MUST GO!} Only 10M!I reeeeeally need to get rid of this account! This account could easily sell for 20m+! But scince I want it to go fast, I'm selling it for only 10m! No recoveries. You will get all past passwords after purchase. Add my if your interested. [email protected] level 49 CB. *READ*Hey Guys, I'm selling a level 49 CB account, With 50 atk, 60 str, 41 dung, 52 hp, 37 smithing, 99 cook, 81 fm, and 4 wc. The account is non-members BUT has a couple members items in the bank worth around 250k or so. *Amulet of Glory's , Teletabs. -The account also has Loyalty outfits in the bank. :// And the username is iAm A MiIf[paypal]epic 57 Combat Ranged/mage Pure[/paypal]Hey Guys, I am aware that prices of accounts have increased due to the stop of bots, Looking for offers for my epic pure, you may have noticed this pure in wildy, It is well known with the 50s category. Yes it does have 2 defence but that has not affected the combat at all. Email will be changed to the buyers upon purchase and also the recovery answers will be passed on. I am only looking for trusted users so if your a Newcomer the doors that way simple as that lol. =) With the wealth you can either have it kept on or i can sell everything and remove the wealth its entirely up to you. I am mainly looking for paypal as im quitting, RSGP will be accepted and i will exchange that for paypal so its not a problem. I have done all quests for Desert Treasure Apart from priest in peril as I didn't want prayer. Login Stats Wealth OffencesStarter Pure/Obby Mauler [60str/70range/46cmb]I made this account about a year ago with the plans of getting into pking, I tried a few times, but it never really interested me. Top offer - 4m RSGP -------------------------------------- ------PM ME IF INTERESTED------- -------------------------------------- I understand that I'm not an active user, so I will go first as long as you have adequate vouches.Buying High range LOW hp accountPost here with pics/links info w/e you have. also post a price. nothing with less than 80 please.Buying Range Pure! High Range Around 80 And Plus.I am looken for a boss hoss range pure, that has high high range, no other stats but range, i want it to be a low cb lvl as possible, but im not to picky about that as long as the range if high and no other stats are lvled, i will buy the account with RSGP or will trade 1-3 of my accounts for your account. pm me about info of accounts, or just leave a post.Selling Summoning Tank! [60 Def][46 Summoning][84 Hunter] [10+ Vouches] ( 1 2)Hey guys. Due to the "bot busting" update I decided to part ways with my Summoning Tank. This account is a username login. Pictures are below. I have no set A/W, but I'm also not dumb. Post your offers in here and we'll go from there. I will not be posting my or anything, but I'll be sure to PM whomever and I'll get you my from there. Also, I will not be going first unless I deem you trustworthy. A/W = 15m Here are some pictures: Cheers everyone.
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