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    Sweet Rune Pure For Sale Combat 67 40 Def And 91 Magesythe/showthread.php?t=1115230Awesome Rune Pure.. 40 Def 91 Mage!!! And 67 Combatsythe/showthread.php?t=1115230Selling Great Boxer [RSGP]95 Combat. Now has 84 Defence. Leveling his def as you read this at for 70k/h. I've won quite a few stakes. Only thing is, you stake pretty low consistantly at his stats. 1-5m. Decided to start another whip boxer. No black marks, comes with an email that i will give you with the account, has members on it. Blah blah blah, I'll post those pictures when someone's ready to buy it. Not looking for a huge amount. Just start offering and I'll see what I can get. EDIT: Actually, looking to sell him pretty quick because I can't bot too many characters on this computer. Definitely down to use an MM.[Selling] {99 Theiving, Firecape, 40/78/10, 74 Range, 80 Mage, 44 Prayer, Beast PKer} ( 1 2)Let's keep this short and simple, the account is freaking bomb at PKing, not looking for much, just need some GP on my skiller. The account IS muted, and the account does NOT have recoveries. Please post bids. The starting bid is 3M! Proof of the Firecape : Log in screen : Stats :Selling almost maxed 40 def pure for Moneybookers,Paypal or RSGPSo i'm selling nice pure I'm accepting Moneybookers, paypal & RSGP I DO NOT ACCEPT SWAPS!!!!!!!!!! EVERY SWAP REQUESTS WILL BE REPORTED. Acc dont got recoveries or bank pin or email set. Im new here but still I'm not going first if your not so trusted othwerwise you will go first or use / offical . Acc got full Unholy book with all 4 pages (cost almost 15M) Acc is done DT, monkey maddnes and it got addy gloves and avas accumalator etc, 52 prayer is good for claws pk when you use smite on non high risk world you can get claws with luck Combat level is 101 with summoning So give me offers via paypal, moneybookers or rsgp for more info add my or pm here or post here add my : [email protected] cheap veng/barrage zerker 10mlogin- stats- combat-[Moderator][RSGP] Selling Amazing Ranged Pure [99 Ranged][66 Combat] ( 1 2)I've decided to sell my excellent ranged pure for the right price. If you're looking to buy a great account without worrying about it being recovered, then now is your chance. I am the original owner of this account, it was made in 2005 and has a cool DOUBLE SPACED name (they cannot be created post-2007). The bank is around 3M-4M. I can leave what's on there and add it onto the selling price; or I can strip the account if you'd rather not have the stuff. The account has no e-mail or PIN, but it does have recoveries. These were set by me and can be removed if the buyer feels uncomfortable. No blackmarks. The account has membership until the 7th of May. I'm only entertaining serious offers of RSGP, anything else will be infracted as spam. You'll be going first or you can pay for an OMM. Thanks for taking a look.Selling Rune Pure CHEAP 8m/7$Hi im selling my rune pure. Login Bank Stats
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