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    [RSGP] Almost maxed rune pure! [Paypal]Hey this is my pure. - Does not have DT done, Only MM is done. Lost city is also done. - About 800k xp away from 99 mage. Has Email , but will be changed to your email. Has registered recoveries which will be provided. Post here if interested. NO SWAPS100m for Pure!!!Looking for a pure, I have 100m and a barrows pure (Hail Mary). Looking for trusted members only! Or Alot of vouches. Will not go first. OMM will be used to recover.[RSGP] Great Starter Staker - 119 QP - 93 Def [RSGP]Hey guys I am selling this beauty for RSGP only. No papal. No swaps. If interested, add my to discuss the account: [email protected] If you don't want to go first, I am willing to use a OMM only (you pay all fees). A/W for the account is 35M. NOTE: Account has over 10k charms if you want to get summoning up Some quests completed - Legend's Quest - Monkey madness - Underground Pass - Mournings end Part I and Part II - Lost city - Zogre Flesh eaters - RFD (up to rune gloves)Selling lvl 80 AccountHey guys, I'm looking to sell my account that I have not played on in a long time. He is combat level 80 and total level 1030. Has about 3M gp. Lot's of stats in the 60s and 70s. He used to be a member and lot's of hours put in. I would like to make any transactions through paypal. Message me if you have any questions. Thanks, PerlLvl 85 | Bunny Ears | | Scarves | MORE | Looking for RSGP!delete please, wrong forumpaypal selling amazing 20 def pure must see!!!!hellow today i remember i had a frozen beast 20 def pure so invested some money to get him unlocked and he still has 20 days left of member ship and all major quests done he has rune gloves dt done monkey madness pk ready there is no auto win just leave a bid and ur well will talk about how we will trade latter on PAYPAL ONLY PS I FORGOT TO SAY ACC DOSE HAVE RECOVS AND BANKPIN ILL UPLOAD A LOGIN PICK IN A SECSelling Decent Zerker - 10m Autowinmore info at messenger, post your emailSwapping rune pure for obby mauler!!!Trading my rune pure which has 60 att 84 str 40 def (quested with hand cannon) 52 prayer 75 range and 80 mage, it also has rune gloves and lunar requirments, it has 80 qp so close to getting drag gloves, im only looking for an obby maul pure which has 1 att and 13 or less prayer so 1 att 70+ str and 40+ range would be a bonus, private message me if intrested and ill show pics and detail about the acc, thanks.
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