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    50$ Donator- Buying All RC Acc'sHello im interested in the following- acc must have 57+ summ acc must have 44+ runecrafting you must be- the original owner give all details and a recovery test will be done Post here with you offers and 's and pm me or i prolly wnt see your offer i will pay via paypal or rsgp. i will not go first unless you are highly trustedSelling 3 AWESOME accounts!Hi all, Please read the bottom of this post for terms, notes and my . I have also made this post on MMOExchange to see where I can sell first. Pretty much need the accounts to go asap. [size=14pt]Rune pure:[/size] Account background: This is a simple rune pure with 90 str and 99 Hunter. It's a good moneymaker. [size=12pt]A/W: 40m[/size] [size=14pt]///////////////////////////////////////// 99HP Level 57 starter pure:[/size] Account background: SW Prod 99 HP level 57 Account. Can be made into staker/pker. [size=12pt]A/W 50m[/size] [size=14pt]//////////////////////////////////////// Main/Tank Ranger 92 Ranged 80 defense[/size] [size=12pt]A/W 65M [/size] Account background: I've played the most on this and this is an awesome pker. Quests for handcannon done, has vengence and has 3 99's. Awesome moneymaker. Note: All accounts have nothing of value in bank. Please post here before you add me on . : [email protected] Terms: I will be accepting RSGP only as I need it for my pure. I will not be going first but I can use MM if you pay for their service. If you cannot trust, don't add me, I don't have time to waste. MMs must be trusted staff or trusted MM's with PM confirmation.looking for a decent [email protected] offering my level 138 mainokay im offering to swap my level 138 main for a decent pure. this is my main sythe/showthread.php?t=1079271 pure must have stats similar to this attck 40-70 strength 85-99 defence 1-20 mage 82-99 range 70-99 the better the pure is the more likely i am to swap. add my for info on the 138 i am willing to go first if i find ur trust worthy. [email protected] Void Pure [RSGP ONLY]Status: : [email protected] A/W: 15M+Selling Lvl 72 1 Def Pure|Fcape|94Mage|More[RSGP/PP]Hi Sythe, I'm selling my 1 defence pure for Rs Gold or Paypal A/W=50M or $50 My is : [email protected] , feel free to add me to discuss. I can meet you on the account for verification if necessary If you want an OMM , you will pay the fee. The account has all the pure quests done (dt,mm,rfd) Has a Fire Cape, untradeables etc. Pics Post or if interested[120+ Vouches] Selling Lvl 62 Black Pure | 82 Mage & Dt | 25+ Acc SalesSold![Selling][Swapping] 99 WC and 99 FM AccountHello, -Im selling a 99 WC and 99 FM Account. -I will accept rsgp [50m instant win] -I will also accept a decent main account. -I know that i am not trusted on these forums but i an assure you this is no scam. I will use a trusted MM if you do not want to go first. -If you wanna get a hold of me contact me on : [email protected] LINKS BELOW flickr/photos/[email protected]/5544843241/ flickr/photos/[email protected]/5545422884/ flickr/photos/[email protected]/5545422904/lvl 82 99wc 87 hunter!! RSGP or PAYPALselling this account paypal or Ingame Rsg for 40 a/w or 40m a/w. $1 a mill so u offer 15 bucks ur offering 15m also.. i have a main dont use the account anymore got the 99 and then left it and did other skills but just cant afford it and looking to save for turmoil on my main so needing some money..MUST GO!!taking offers ACCOUNT HAS GOT TO GO PLZ BUY!!! CHEAP!! pm me on @ [email protected]
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