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    Swap or sell.Hey, I have a level 60, he has, 99 crafting, 99 construction and 99 thieving, was wondering if anyone would want to swap a level 3 skiller with 99's already or want to buy my account.[RSGP]selling awesome f2p pure 88 str/85 range [15+vouches]Hey guys lolamoot again selling another pure i want to get more cash to stake with on my maxed main, this is an awesome f2p account owns anyone in the wildy because of its prayer and defence 1 which makes it's cb so low, it has done recipe for disaster up to mithril gloves, as it used to be an obby mauler. Auto win 55m only taking rsgp thankyou Stats combat[RSGP]selling amazing-quested 1def pure-99 str/mage,90 range[15+ VOUCHES}Hey guys im sellingmy near maxed my pure for rsgp as i want more cash to stake with as i am making quite alot of money staking recently it's a great pure with every pure quest done. desert treasure, recipe for disaster, roving elves, monkey madness anything you can imagine that would be helpfull for 1 defence it has it it also has 99 str and mage i recently have got it 75 attack and 50 dungineering so it can wield a godsword and sol and i will keep training dung till someone buys it. Auto win 100m- starting bid 80m will only accept rsgp thankyou happy bidding!! stats Itemscombat itemsSelling Finished Turmoil Pure[60 Attack][95Prayer][30Defence] ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)- Selling My Turmoil Pure. - Accepting RSGP only. - I'm the original owner and will give details. - Every needed quest is finished. - Post on this topic b4 you add my . - Add my - [email protected] - A/W = 150m[PAYPAL] WTB quested zerkerlooking for a quested zerker will pay for MM accounts must have no recoverys or e-mail. pm me[PAYPAL] Buying a good pure! [PAYPAL]EDIT: No longer buying! Found a pure[Paypal] Selling awesome ranger!Selling this awesome Ranger pure. Chaotic crossbow, no recovs, email will be changed upon purchase. Offer away! MSM: [email protected] Current Bid: 15mBuying|RangeDDSER| Pm.Me. [email protected] I'll.Trade.A.Maxed.Melee.126cb..99atk.99str.99def. .70prayer.and.MOAR... has.EasterRing! #Terms- iWill.Go.First.If.Postcount.Is.Over.250...XD You.Will.Give.ALL.INFORMATION.During.Trade.. You'll.Be.Legit []
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