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    [RSGP] Selling Level 72 D Clawer | 99 Magic | 82 Strength | DT COMPLETEDHello I am looking to sell this level 72 D clawer. I am the original owner and have 100% of the recover info. You will either go first or pay for a omm so don't ask me to go first. There is no email or recoveries set. [email protected] 40atk 98str 1def 1pray ( 1 2)Selling this account that has 40 attack 98 str. Its 1 mill exp tilll 99 str. This account is 1 pray so it could be turned into a staker. Or you can just wreck in f2p pking. Acc has no bank. I am looking for paypal. I understand I am not trusted yet on this site. So we will most likely be using . If you prefer OMM its at your cost. Thank you for taking the time to check out my account and hope to be hearing from you soon. Uploaded with[PayPal/RSGP] Selling Zerker pure - 99Fish/WC OFFER [PayPal/RSGP] ( 1 2)Selling lvl 85 zerker with 99 fish and woodcut/DT/MM done OFFER up .. NEEDS TO BE VARIFIED Also need a .. PICS:: LOGIN: CB: STATS: BANK: QUESTS: BLACKMARKS: offer away... : [email protected][swap] Best Staker On Sythe! 4 99's! 99 Attack 97 Strength 1 Prayer! Hunter[swap]Hey everyone. I'm looking to get rid of one of my best accounts. This account was made by hand WITHOUT botting. Im looking to swap it for a PURE and nothing else. im looking to get back into pking and i want a pro account to do so. please do not offer me accounts that dont even compare to the account i am swapping. :[email protected] Stats: Bank: log in: combat: Add my : [email protected][SWAP] 3 Accounts for Decent Staker! [SWAP]Hey sythe, so pretty much I'm looking to purchase a starter staker or any staker of any sort. I'm willing to swap these three accounts: DDS'er: MAIN: DDS'er 2:Selling 66 lvl 99 range 60 attack 84 str 1defI got a account for sale it has the following stats. ONLY RSGP! If you want to ask about something ask from [email protected] We will use if you wont go first and im not going to be the one who pays for it if the wants money for it. Im selling this to the one who gives the most rsgp for it. And start from 20m. If someone is willing to pay 35m he will get it instantly. If you need proof that I have the account you can meet me in game. To meet me in game pm me in sythe or messenger.Buying Starter PureRequirements: Must have completed Monkey Madness Must have 1 def Must have good mage lvl Would be nice if LD was completed or DT Post your accounts below with a price of i will offerSelling a level 69 pure, Fully quested.Hi. I'm kinda new to this sythe thing, so I'm still learning love you. I'm not quite sure if I wanna sell this pure just yet, but I'm pretty pure I want to. I've been playing rs for 5 years now, and I'm bored of the game... Just wondering how much I can get for my pure. It's fully quested. [Dt, mm, addy gloves, elemental 2, sara and zammy book (not filled), etc] Notable stats are 99 Herblore, 1 Defence, and 16 prayer. ( Prayer considering I haven't got 31, or 43 yet. ), and 70 Dungeoneering. Here is a picture of my bank/stats. Picture of my Offence history. (None) If I decide to sell my account you will be given all the recoveries, I will remove my e-mail, and member information on my current subscribtion. Also, I have no A/W, but keep the bids coming. If you have any question you would like to ask me regarding the account, msg me on here or @ [email protected]
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