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    level 75 init pure in proggystarting bid 10m a/w:20m dt is done/mm is done/most quests for rune gloves are finished, i just havent quested the gloves yet too lazy. like 750k bank l0l0l0l there is no active email. there are recoves but i will supply you with them. 29 days of mem left on acc. i have one offence on the account(minor) just a 24hr mute. all green tho. here are the stats/bank/quests completed etc: if i am not online please reply to me at: [email protected] if you would like to pay for a middle man go for it your cost, i am trustworthy i just bought an account from dubstep on here and i am in no need for this one anymore. thank you for your time:mikeselling amazing lvl 69 1 def pure with claws!!!! cheap!!!!selling amazing 1 def pure!!! has d claws 61att 85range 80str and 87mag and is cb lvl 69 selling for 45$ email me or add me on and we can discuss a deal if u cant pay 45$ [email protected] - javier.jimenez46 and yes ask for pictures of this account and i will give DO NOT POST ON HERE!!! EMAIL ME OR ME!!! I WILL NOT BE LOOKING AT THIS TO OFTONSelling Really Good Zerker AccountThis Zerker is almost maxed, im pretty sure its almost quested because i really dont know all the quests. I dont want this account anymore and i want to get cash or runescape money for it as i have another account that i play on so yeah I only accept Paypal or Runescape money here are some pictures of its bank and stats, either pm me or post in this thread(RSGP) 74 CMBT Chaotic Pure (Rapier) (MM done)Account sold !!!! =D to mikeakap!!!!!83 CB Boxer For Sale! ~2m bank! Ran out of members! Cheap! Rsgp!Stats: Bank: Login: Ready to sell. Ran out of members with that on him, wasn't paying attention. Just want 5m for him. I'll go first as long as you aren't shady as love you.tomc1992's account shophi everyone today im getting rid of a few accounts ive had over the years which have just been sitting there doing nothing and im most likely going to stop playing runescape soon since i got scammed by a user on sythe named runescape_king but anyway all accounts come with every bit of info i have ever had not all have recoveries and emails set but i will put next to it if it is or isnt on it. if you have any questions about quests and items etc just ask me and ill be sure to tell you.. my is [email protected] all paypal buyers pay as gift and all trades will be using an omm or trusted mm at your expense or you first. account #1//a/w $3.00 or 5m rsgp--has no recoveries, email is registered. account #2//a/w $2.00 or 4m rsgp--has no recoveries, and no email. account #3//a/w $10.00 or 15m rsgp--has recoveries, no email, has fighter torso and defenders/some items account #4//a/w $35.00 or 65m rsgp--has no recoveries, email is registered. account #5//a/w $75.00 or 150m rsgp--has recoveries, email is registered. 20k off 99 dung, has over 200k tokens, and all chaotics except bow aswell as heaps of other stuff ask for more details. account #6//a/w $9.00 or 18m rsgp--has no recoveries, no email, has yo-yo and rubber chicken.. very old account. account #7//a/w $15.00 or 30m rsgp--has recoveries, email is registered. account 7 account 6 account 5 account 4 account 3 account 2 account 1selling lvl 77 pure with almost chaotic maul.he has 140k dung tokens, lvl 76 dung. 61 att 94 str 1 def 87 range 85 magic 52 paryer and 83 hp. reply on here or add [email protected]:: Selling Level 72 Pure w/ Fire Cape! [RSGP] ::..Hello, well this is my pride and glory, my best pure that i've created but it's time to sell, I have no interest in pures anymore, but also i am clean on cash so i need some to start me off again, so i have to sacrifice this pure. So, if you have any questions, PM me, post a reply and all the rest. So, I will not be going first, if you wish to use an OMM it will be at your expense. A/W: 50M! [I will go first to staff or TRUSTED and VOUCHED members ONLY. Otherwise you go first. NEEDS TO BE SOLD SOON! START BIDDING! [25M HIGHEST BID!] Pictures: Log in - {Yes i have the recovery information, willing to give you the e-mail account.} Quests - Stats - Bank (With Quested items like Unholy Book, Mithril Gloves etc. Also with the Fire Cape. It is fully quested except Addy gloves, i'm sure it wouldn't take too long.) - Combat Level - Offences (It has two language offense which are 3 years outdated, no worries.) - I am only taking RSGP, no real money or swaps. Thankyou. - Corupt
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