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    Mage Pure FS[80+ Vouches] ( 1 2 3)$20! I am the original owner, and I no longer play the game. I have all info needed for a recovery. Hasn't been botted on in over five months, so it is safe. Combat level is 55. Only accepting PayPal. PM me if your interested. Also selling an additional 11M RSGP.[rsgp]10hp 76magic[rsgp] Cheap!Hello, today im selling a 10 Constitution, 76 Magic Pure, every skill is 1, except Constitution and Magic, i have only made this account to sell for RSGP, the account has no email registered or recoveries and the account has no wealth, good luck on buying! also if you would like i can prove the account is mine by meeting you in-game. Let the offering begin, ill accept anything over 5M Leading Offer: __, Offer made by: __. if you post your offer and below so i can add you will be most appreciated![RSGP]Selling Rare Runescape Name - Newest 20m A/W[RSGP]Please Close! Moved to :///showthread.php?p=9765424#post9765424Selling start f2p pure/maulerIt's a pretty good acc imo, a/w is 20m my only is [email protected] ore miner 84 miningLogin: Stats/bank: A/w 7$ , or idung bot with email. in sig. Going first to trusted only[RSGP] Selling Starter God Sword Pure 59 CB, 99 Fletch, 85 hunter [RSGP]So recently I started a legit account off and I have just hit 65 defence, time for bandos armour! I haven't got enough money so I have decided to sell this account to put towards my bandos armour, thus is the reason for why I am selling cheap to get a quick sale, the reason for why I'm not taking the money off the account is because I need to make members to do so, but I don't think it's worth it because I won't be using the account so it would be a waste, my is in my sig if interested in the account, you can also PM me, Recovery questions I don't remember, the account is a username login, one last thing I will be expecting you to go first in the trade, so anyway now for the account... A/w = SOLD ::Login:: ::Wealth:: ::Stats:: ::pillars:: AutoMaticWin >> SOLD W = 105M LEADING BID: 70M Email: Offer: Agree to Verified : My email is: [email protected] thank you! I can give my facebook after trade for further security if you wish. ASK FOR PM FOR THE PK VIDRc puresOnly from trusted users. Let me know how much in a pm. Thank ya kindly
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