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    [RSGP]Prayer Pure!! Lvl 10 with 60 prayer 1 of everything else[RSGP] WILL GO [email protected]##Pictures in a few minutes, bid away No A/W RSGP prefered. Make a nice PayPal offer and we legit WILL GO FIRST FOR A TRUSTED PLAYER WITH A LOT OF [email protected]@selling GMAUL/RUSHER!!82MAGEE/mith GLOVES/DTBEAT/11prayerrselling my amazing Gmaul rusher it is a great pker. has Dt beat up to mith gloves over 6m on it. account has no recoverys no black marks. is not a member. i am selling all my rs accounts to afford a ps3 so i am only looking for paypal add me on if intrested thanks for looking :)Amazing Level 3 Starting Skiller!Simple. No recovs/email/bank. 1 macro minor, expires in 2012 July 29th, account is still playable, dont worry. Bank is empty. Update! Now has 84 Woodcutting! Picture: If you are interested in more pictures, I will give them, but for now, offer please. A/W: 10MSelling pure for incredibly cheap.Hi all I'm selling a level 56 combat pure ranged for incredibly cheap. He has 80 ranged and 69 constitution and just message me or comment on this thread for more details including my phone number so you know i'm not going to scam or anything dumb. Thanks again!!!!!! Once again, INCREDIBLY cheap[15M] 10hp 98 mage[30 Vouches] ( 1 2)Hey, selling this 10hp 98 mage account, it's 294k to 99. Has no stats except 98 mage and 3 dung. only had 1 pass ever, no recovs/email. Email log-in, but it's not accesable, it's @hush, hasn't been active for 3 weeks, so you have to pay to get it active again. Pics: Price: 15M RSGP. I will not go first, MM/OMM can be used at your own expence. : [email protected] , pm or add me.56 combat - 80 ranged/69 constitution Cheap.So, i worked hard for this level 56 combat ranged pure (80 ranged/69 constitution) and i want to sell it for pretty darn cheap. I'm looking for 5m gold which is basically the best deal, so, , i'm looking forward to hearing from you and my number (yes, ballsy i know) is 480 710 9122. Call/text at any time! Thanks again guys/ladies. -Eric.Buy Gmauler now while it has membership!Hello users. I do not know how to upload pictures but the account im selling is a level 52 gmauler. It has 51 attack 75 str 65 mage 40 range and all skill requirements needed for DT. I am willing to sell this account for 5mil and autowin is 7m. Thanks for your time reading this. I will also meet you in game if that will help at all. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.Buying range/hp pureI'm looking for a range pure, preferably 85+ hp, with no higher than 78 range. Pm me to discuss details, i'll go first only to trusted and semi-trusted people.
Thread Status:
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