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    (((Selling Range/Gmauler/Hunter Pure 12m)))Stats are 70 range 62 str 50 Atk 86 hunter Has mems till around the 12th of Nov Will take no less then 12m for itSelling 5 great accounts! 20mthat's right guys! i'm selling a whole FIVE accounts! all of em' for 20m! Add me on as "Joeyhartpwns", or as "Joeyisjustawesome" or you can just private message me! ok thanks everybody! and also you can buy the accounts serperately, here's the link. --> :///showthread.php?t=1257411[Rsgp] Selling Lv56 Granite Mauler, Great PKer!, PK Pots/Food/Equitment Super Cheap!Hey, I'm selling this amazing Gmauler, there's not much i can say about the account, it's got a good amount of equipment if you'd like to pk, i have tons of monkfish, pots, and range gear. It's a great and fun time, you won't regret buying it. Im willing to sell it to the highest bid because im kinda despret for some RSGP for my main. Anyways my is - [email protected] IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT BUYING, LEAVE YOUR BELOW AND YOUR BID. THANKS - JONLooking for some accounts, spending 15mA magic pure, 10-50 hp, 90+ mage, no other combat stats. or ranged pure, 10-50 hp, 90+ ranged, no other combat stats. or lvl 3 skiller, 2 85+, 3 80+ or 1 99. or defence pure, 10-50 hp, 70+ def, no other combat stats. Going first to very trusted users.[RSGP] Selling beast low-level Obby mauler [RSGP]Hello guys, looking to sell my old obby mauler. Pretty good and fun account in low level P2P pking. Look for yourself Open to a recovery test if you feel it's needed. Display name is "Black Pie" and login is something not special. You will receive ALL info upon purchase.This includes: ->ISP ->ISP used to create account ->Creation date ->All previous pass (Only 2) ->ZIP Code ->Where do I live (Country) ->Registred Email Pics Looking for RSGP ONLY. MM will be used or you'll go first. I go first to who I deem trustworthy. A/W is currently 15M!Level 59 range/mage tank/skillerThis account has never been botted on, but has good enough stats to bot to earn some quick money. Open to offers.Selling 2 accounts, 2m/5m.Account #1 - 2mill :// :// :// waterfall + horror from the deep done. Account #2 - 5mill :// :// :// frem trials + grand tree + horror from deep + monkey madness + desert treasure + waterfall. You go first, will go first to people with 10+ vouches.Started Skiller.just like it says, im new to forums so obviously i will be going first. It comes with a Rune pickaxe and Rune hatchet, so you can get started on skilling right away. The levels aren't awesome but its perfect for someone who wants a skiller but doesn't want to spend a ton of money. looking for runescape gp, post offers.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.