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    Level 89 with 95str, 96hunt, 89wc.Hey Sythe, I am selling my main account which I have had for some time now but I wish to start again therefore I am selling it. The account has great potential - having a number of high level skills which can be easily taken up to 99 and used to create wealth for the account as at the minute, it only has around 2m. Here are the pictures of the account: Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Cost/How it will work: I will ONLY be accepting PayPal. The A/W for the account will be set at $30 I may have low post count but post count does not equal trust therefore: You will go first otherwise we will use a MM. Email: [email protected] Thank you for reading my thread and I hope you are interested, ~Yorkshire-99 Combat Zerker 99 Str-RSGP-Selling my 99 combat zerker, all the info is in the link below. sythe/showthread.php?p=93...=1#post9313100Buying "starter" pure *rsgp* SwapHello guys the title says it all. Im buying a starter pure. Please DO NOT post any accounts over 45 def. I can understand maybe 46-47 def but none higher. I will only trade with trusted members. A recovery test will be done and we will use an OMM you pay fees or you go first. Post your accounts below along with your . Ill be back in a couple of hours so be on and we can talk about it then. Thanks! Edit* I am not looking to spend a whole lot so thats why i am buying a starter. He doesnt have to be amazing..sell lvl 63 with epic stats,cool name, and lvl 108 on offers below. will be using mm or u 1st. Accepting paypal or rsgp. Add [email protected] if you are intrested.Level 81 RUnescape account only 5 dollarsI quit runescape, idgaf anymore just trying to get rid of it for anything - [email protected][WU] {RSGP} Selling my 88 main! Cheap! Must see! (Major Quests, 91 WC, 85 Fletch)Post here first and send me a PM. WU or RSGP Only! Not accepting Paypal. Give me an offer. Completed: Money Madness, Heroes, Desert Treasure, Gnome Tree Series, Most of Plague City Series, Lost City, Waterfall Quest, Horror From The Deep.Vls Staker|almost Maxed|99 Str| Full Statius ( 1 2)sold to tpuck41[RSGP] 97 +8 Turmoil Pure! [RSGP]Hello Sythe! Today I am posting up this account for one of my friends who does not have a sythe account. A/W: 140m. Information regarding the trade: A VMM/OMM that both parties agree on *WILL* be used, this is non negotiable. A recovery test will be conducted by the MM, and the account will pass. The account: 97 + 8 combat level. Recoveries and email have been removed. Has curses, barrows gloves, ancients, all the things a turm pure should have. My : [email protected] Please pm me before you add me. Serious offers only, please. Thank you!
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