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    Selling 2 runescape pures (paypal)Selling 2 accounts. i would prefer RSGP because i was scammed and lost a lot of money however i will accept paypal. i realize im new here so we will use a mmo or you first ofcourse i have no need for these accounts because my main is kicking love you in duel area Account 1 Stats: Accounts 2 Stats: okay post offers of which account and your bid or pm me i'll post highest bidding amount here i also rushed making this thread so let me know if i have uploaded the some pic no accounts have anything worthy of being in the bank except account 3 which has rune sets. highest bidders account 1: - no bid account 2: -no bid[Quality] Pure [Turmoil] - [Overloads] [Not botted]History of the account - Started back in 09 as my FIRST pure, i quit it for around 3 months and came back. After making tons of money i decided to go for Turmoil but during double xp i got distracted and headed for Overloads and 96 herblore. I put in over 500m into this account, between skills and deaths. I'm selling it because i accidently got 6 def, and if i got turmoil and over 28 def i would be booted from my clan. I will be leaving 5m on the account, just so it won't be dirt poor. I'm 67/70 dung so i have G2H and enough tokens for the Arcane stream. Pictures - I really had a great time building this account up, but i love you up with defensive casting (LAWL). So yes, this account would be great for a zerker, or an addy daddy. My irc name is [R]Killuminati, you can post your contact details here or pm me in irc.Selling perfect staking account! for RSGP or PayPalNVM starting new thread with diff title.[RSGP] Selling Lvl 64 Rune Pure [RSGP]Hey guys. I am selling my rune pure that i dont play on anymore. It has dragon slayer done. The account has 35 quest points. If you would like to buy this account PLEASE MESSAGE ME ON SYTHE!!! A/w: 15mil (20mil and you get a free lvl 3 with 70 mining) Happy Bidding!!!2 Awesome accounts! [RSGP][Cheap]First off. I will not go first, in any circumstances. ADD MY in THE SIGNATURE! here we go. A/W: 25M Highest offer: You will be given any info I have. I am not the original owner, and if the account is recovered, I'll have you speak with the trusted user who I bought the account from. You'll just have to contact me. 62 Combat beast The account has almost 3 months of members that you'll have access to. You may have the code for that card if you'd like. _____ I'm selling a level 90 account that after 121 days I finally remembered that I even owned it. Notice: It is a F2P player It has DT and MM done It could be a great staker or hybrid It could be a great main IT HAS NEVER BEEN BOTTED! Disclaimer: After I sell the account to you, it's yours. I'm not like the 'fags' that scam accounts. You will either go first or you will use a MM. You will post here before adding me on . The A/W is not set. Best of luck and I hope you like the accounts. Make offers! W : 95 $. OMM shall be used , you cover up the fee'sWt swap main for zerkHey guys im looking to swap my main for a zerker heres my mains info and stuff post below sythe/showthread.php?p=8654503#post8654503
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