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    [Paypal/Rsgp] Lvl 61, 81 dung over 200k tokens future stakerThis acc has been soldSelling level 84 Boxer- PRO stakerHey people, here i am selling another of my accounts. Im starting a new skiller so i decided to sell this one. A/w: 25M I accept swaps WE USE A OMM OR YOU GO FIRST. I DON'T MIND GOING FIRST IF YOUR TRUSTED. My : [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------[100%Feedback] Lv95 Staker|Chaotic Rapier|80Dung|96 Attack|1 Prayer/Summ[RSGP]Umm this is a staker account but its lvl 80defence so i didnt know which section to put it in, so i'll put it in both. I ONLY ACCEPT RSGP. You MUST add: [email protected] ToS: You MUST go first. Payment must be payed in seperate 50Mils to prevent bann. You MUST Vouch/Positive Feedback. I will happilly accept MM if you pay for the fee. MM Rules: MM Must be Highly Trusted/Vouched or a Mod You must pay for MM Fee I WILL ONLY ACCEPT RSGP 65MIL+ A/W IS 120MIL My is: [email protected] Order Form: (Copy and Paste) Do I accept ToS: Do I want a MM: Will I Go First: How much will I offer: My : Pictures: Stats: 95 Combat 96 Attack 73 Strength 80 Defence 81 HP 1 Prayer 1 Summoning 80 Dungeoneering Login Page: Bank Wealth (2Mil): Black Marks (All Clean):[RsGp][Swaps] Great Dragon Scimmy pure, 99 hunter!Hey guys this is the account you came here to look at: any good offers in RSGP or Swaps just post here or PM me please My is in sig also.Cb 95 Boxer 1 Summ 1 Prayer 30m Banked!!!!!!Selling a combat lvl 95 1 pray 1 summ!!!! You could see everything on the picture, still a Member for the next month Not going first, do dont add if you think i am. [email protected] - add me for offers45 def/97 str/99 range/95 mage/spirit shield/barrow gloves/99 fish and cook [RSGP]Made a new 1 defence pure so need money and im skint so im selling this account because i like being a lower level. Combat Level 93 in wildy, 97 out of wildy. 1600+ Total Level Notable quests: Summers End Recipe For Disaster Desert Treasure Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Monkey Madness Got and can wield; Spirit shield, Barrows gloves, Hand cannon, zerker helm etc. Due to the pure nature of this account under no circumstances will i go first. RSGP ONLY! Happy Bidding!Selling Semi-SW Prod! 97 Str! 27M! G Mauler! EXTREMELY CHEAP! ( 1 2)UPDATE! 98 STRENGTH! 920K UNTIL 99! HOLY SHIP! Zeals Wealth Stats Recoveries/E-Mails/Membership Vouches Post here to vouch for me if we've had any successful business transactions . 1. Quote: Originally Posted by Wtf stake me Bought for 5m! vouch. 2. Quote: Originally Posted by RawrDillon Bought 72M, I went first! Thanks ^^ Will use again! Second vouch, same user: Quote: Originally Posted by RawrDillon Vouch for this seller, sold me 80M on my main. Good luck selling this acc bro, it's a beast. 3. Quote: Originally Posted by ini pure win vouch, MMed a 46M RSGP for PayPal trade. 4. Quote: Originally Posted by Ivan-Nachev Vouch For That Guy,Sold Me 46 Mil Rsgp For 46$ 5. Quote: Originally Posted by 2noobz 1 cupp Bought 5m, Good prices easy service. I went first! Trusted! 6. Quote: Originally Posted by ConnoRr Excellent trade! bought 34m in two increments! great seller! 7. Quote: Originally Posted by Painted Rain Vouch, Philosophic went first and bought 40M for 34$. 8. Quote: Originally Posted by bcfcant Bought 5M from me for $5, I went first, thanks. What I'm looking for RSGP Only: A/W: With Wealth: 80M A/W: Without Wealth: 50M Good luck & happy bidding! I do not accept Swaps nor PayPal, and I seriously refuse to go first under any circumstances. With that being said, don't contact me without intentions of going first, doing a "fifty-fifty" trade, or having an Official present (you paying all fees, of course). [email protected][Trusted] Level 73 pure 99 mage fully questedrsgp>[Trusted] ( 1 2)Hey its now time to sell my pure. Brought him 30 days members yesterday and loaded him up with pking suplys. around 10m in suplys to be exact. he is fully quested and ready to pk. mainly looking for mains with 80+ dung. or f2p pure with 90+ str thanks happy bidding< inless you have more vouches and posts them me i will not go first if your trusted ill. do 50/50 if your new you will go first. or pay mm/omm costs. thanks all info will be given for recovery test. Note: has low prayer and 1 summon< good melee/ mage staker. post first before u add me on : [email protected]
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