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    Selling level 91 RS acc 25 dollarsLevel 91 RS acc with decent stats and 2m. Username is lonnie147 Accepting $21.00 USD through paypal.Selling pure [94 mage]Rsgp only. post your or pm me for contact details or with them. Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling level 103ftp accA/w is 30 dollars. Has firecape no wealth on the account already sold it. Uploaded with[PP/RSGP] Selling 60 atk 90 str 1 def pureHey everyone, selling my pure which is 60 atk 90 str 1 def 31 pray combat level 72. Done Monkey madness Selling because I have a better pure and I never use this one anymore. Willing to use OMM if you pay for it. Also accepting a swap for a g mauler with decent mage. Comes with everything in bank post offers here or add my : [email protected][RSGP]Account Sale[RSGP]Closed.[cheap] Selling 97 Main! [still Member]Hey guys, I am selling a 97 main that I have. It is still a member, and runs out in about 2 weeks, so if you buy it soon, you can have membership! I decided to sell this account cheap, so just offer in RSGP or real money, just offer. No botting, doesn't really have much in bank apart from 100k, D boots and some member objects.[Runescape Moderator] Level 95+ With 95+ RANGE ( 1 2)Hello there, After continuous thinking about selling my account, I have finally made a decision to sell this account of mine. Allow me to give you some background on this account quickly: It was modded in late 2005 - Although I have been a loyal moderator, everyone needs to move on in life sometimes. So, I am wanting to make this a quick, painless transaction. For the most part, it has a decent bank. I'll be showing you pictures right now. If you try or even attempt to scam me, you will be reported within this community and ignored. For the most part, I think some of you have commonsense not to play childish games, but there are always some bad apples in every community out there. I am wanting a quick and painless transaction, whether it be through PayPal or Ingame Gold (If gold, you need to appoint me to a buyer which I can sell the gold to.) Transaction Details: Perhaps you already know this, but Jagex maintains a close eye on all moderator accounts. In the event that this transaction successfully takes place, I will query Jagex information telling them why my location has changed. You will have no issue with 'being in the hotspot' once I have contacted them. Also, For account details, you will get my unique pin that I received via British first class mail (I will even photograph or fax it to you.) So that you have full details. Before I bore you more, here are pictures of the account: The current status - (Please bare in mind that most of the account information has been blocked for the safety of future account owner.): Current account wealth: Thanks for your time!PURE 2'99s EPIC ACCOUNT FAST & CHEAP! ( 1 2)Selling account for a Paypal Cash or RSGP millions. : [email protected] POST U , AND I WILL ADD U! It account is really perfect to make it into Zerker pure or rune pure. 1-33 Defence is all Quested. And i have never botter on this account. Reason Why im selling this account and so cheap? Because i made a new account,defence pure and gonna stake on duel arena. Soz for my Bad english,im from Estonia O_O : [email protected] : [email protected] A/W 5M or 5$. S/B 1M or 1$. And i will not go first untill u very trusted,or we gonna use OMM/MM. and we can also do recovery test. got 1-3 password. if pictures not works : then there picutes.
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