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    51 Combat G MAULER// ADDY GLOVES!!! 97 firemaking, and some good skillsLMK, will not go first. ISO RSGP, A/W 60mLooking to buy a pure that has mems10m.99's Skiller - Mining - CHEAPSOLD to BGlave![Swap] Level 77 pure~~looking for dung purelooking for a dung pure. Thanks Uploaded with Uploaded with email will be removed once soldWTB a gmaul rusher! Must have ancients already!Hey there, I'm looking for a gmauler, I'd like the stats to be as close 2 75+ strenght 50 attack (MUST BE 50 or less. Sorry) 82 Magic or 94 magic 70 range + 60 or less HP *1* defense (Won't budge on this or the attack sorry.) DT done! RFD up to mith Animal Magnetism (if possible, not a must have). Pm me if you have an account similar to this. (Willing to consider magic pures with ancients already done depending on the price..)level 7 prayer pure 2 99's and 1 92! [rsgp]hey mates BAMF POPE here selling this nice starter prayer pure! its mems and has 2 NICE starting skilling capes! ill let the pics talk for thems selfs. a/w has been lowered down to 25m! log in screen- awesomeness number one! awesomeness number two! recovs come with account! is in siggy below!Buying Account with 300+ ZealsBuying account with 300+ Zeals doesent have to have P2P paying $10/20M post here or PM Me Must be level 3 with 0xp or account with def EXP.lvl 46 pure with high mining40+ atk, str, prayer, magic 5 def 50+ smithing 90+ mining Great for making money in f2p. anyone interested?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.