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    selling lvl 92 pure acc (RSGP)hey sythe community I've decided to see what my pure account might be worth. I've been trying to sell my main to make my pure better but maybe the better option is to sell my pure to better my main. Here is a photo its a great starter account and currently doesnt have members. However if you make a legit trade and offer a decent price I'd be willing to pay for the first month of members on the account for free. here is a picture of the stats, unforunately i haven't touched the account since i took members off it so the bank has nothing great to offer and will need a good spring cleaning ot toss all the old members quest items. good luck i hope you guys like it! i52.photobucket/albums/g1...e05/rspure.jpg[PAYPAL]Selling EPIC staker 70/39/70 71 mining! $30!Email and Recoveries will be removed as soon as I find a buyer. [email protected] a/w is $6!!! no swaps etc.Very Nice Pure!! 67 Combat 91 Mage 40 Defsythe/showthread.php?t=1115894[RSGP]Lv 69 Pure Quested[RSGP]Selling this nice quested pure that's ready to pk. Bid away :3 Key features 82 mage 84 range All of the important quests done 97 cooking in case you want a quick 99. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usSelling Sick 96 CB Boxer! 95/70/84+!!!I'm leveling his def as I try to sell this so it's value might increase a bit. Just start leaving offers. After I have a reasonable offer, I'll be bothered to post the rest of the pics that are usually asked for. But rest assured, everything is satisfactory. Don't mind at all what-so-ever to use an MM. Wanted to make a whipper instead, decided to sell this guy because I need more cash/focus for my whipper. Those are the stats. I'll update as his def/hp level up.Selling Decent Initiate pure!Selling a Decent 20 def pure with Fcape and all pures quest done including Rfd/Dt/Horror from the deep and much more! I will remove recoverys/email when i find a serious buyer . I only accept PayPal nothing esle i will do 50/50 or you pay for MM fees, no A/W yet so offer away ! Pm me for or leave your !SELLING LEVEL 70 1 DEF PURE (99 MAGE)[rsgp]Hey Guy's i am selling a level 70 1 defence pure with 99 Magic! For RSGP < I am open to all offers and am not here to scam just need some Gp for another account [NOTE] I am the original owner! Screenshots : Please post any questions! -ChazzSelling Amazing Gmaul Rusher Need Gone QUICK!!!!Selling this acc it has revoceries but i have all info to the account!! has members till july all info is included in the account! Selling it cheap need gone ASAP!!!!! UPDATE!!!! ACCOUNT NOW HAS 60 HP!! Uploaded with If interested add my [email protected]
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