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    Spending 100M+ On a Turmoil PureMust be 30 Def + Have Rune Gloves. My offer will vary depending on the stats and items of the account. No E-Mail Logins. OMM Will be used + Recovery Test will be done so be prepared to give out all information. Any unnessecary comments will be reported as spam.selling best lvl 80 rune pure Cheap rsgpremoved[RSGP]99 str 99 thiev 95 rng 12 def- total 1.2k+!![RSGP]Selling this pure, which was never botted, trained by hand by me personally, but now I'm quitting the account because after it's dungeoneering was rolled back, I tried to bot it and got 12 def. (SMD iDungeonPRO 1.21~!!) It has addy gloves, desert treasure done, and monkey madness done. I'm selling this because I really need some RSGP for my main, which was recently cleaned to 0gp at dice game. Pics: I will go 50/50 after showing proof of ownership of the account, if we don't use a MM. If we do use a , you must pay all fees. I will do a recovery test, and I will provide all previous details, including previous IP addresses, creation date, previous passwords, ISP, and ANYTHING else you want - I'll keep you added on . I am the original owner of this account, created it some time back by myself. Starting bid: 25M A/W: 75M EDIT: Although I have only 10 posts, I've been lurking these forums long enough to understand that my join date also matters. And its not something I would throw away for a quick 50M. Also, my name might sound pretty leecher'ish, but I only made it because I had found a Dungeoneering smuggle and was pretty excited - nulled familiars for the win.[Swap] or [RSG] level78//60 atk//90str//20def/85range//85mage//Sold Sorry[Paypal/Rsgp] Rare name - Starter Zerker pure - 15m+ Very rare name!Selling a starter Zerker pure, it has 15m+, Torso and rune gloves. Can easily get Barrows if wanted, the account is level 85. The account has a rare, multi spaced name. I recovered this account today, and don't want it. So I want to sell and make a bit more money, this account's name is like "B****----S**" and is rare. Pictures: Post here or PM me, I'm not going to be going first. A OMM will be used, your fee's. Want a quick sale. NOT ACCEPTING SWAPS!65 Combat 1 Defense PureSelling an account level 65 combat for Runescape gold. It has completed DT, Mith Gloves, Animal Magnetism, Ele Workshop 1 and 2, etc. 61 Quest Points 1 Defense 83 Range 85 Mage 60 Attack 70 Strength 52 Prayer 68 HP ...other notable stats: 1140 total, 99 fletching, 82 fm, 64 hunt. ZERO BLACK MARKS, A COMPLETELY UNBOTTED ACCOUNT. NO CHANCE OF BAN UNLESS THE BUYER OF THIS ACCOUNT BREAKS A RULE. *Reply on this thread and I will give you my email//, whichever you prefer. Thanks.selling fully quested ini pure |91s|94m|89r| [RSGP]-Hello, i am looking to sell my initiate pure. - Im not going to go first. - I will use a middle man. - Pleas post + your offer. - Please ask for a pm before the trade. - Starting bid: 15m rsgp. - A/W: 75m ( will probably sell for a lot lower) Picutres:Selling Starter Range Tank with 99 Hunter and 89 thievSelling a Starter Range Tank with 99 Hunter and 89 thieving, Offer or Add my . [email protected] Thanks
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