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    Buying a 1 def range pure. [RSGP]~ Requirements ~ - 1 def - 1 summoning - 43 or lower prayer - No email for login - No dumb login name like ililililililil - No email set and no recoveries. - Decent range at least.. - Recovery test We will use a MM that i will find on this site, i know im not well known on here cause i dont like these kinds of sites but HRS is down and i dont trust powerbot people. Oh and ill be paying by rsgp. : [email protected]~! A Must See Acc! Pure 1 Def, Cb Lvl 53, Dt Done, High Mage!! Member,!~55 rng now. 46 hp now. added new membershipp till january 16th. I WILL ERASE RECOVERY QUESTIONS/EMAIL ONCE I FIND A SERIOUS BUYER. I WILL GIVE THE FULLEST INFORMATION OF ACCOUNT HISTORY, FROM DATES, THE ISP, MEMBERSHIP INFO. EVERYTHING U CAN BUY THIS ACC WITH CONFIDENCE KNOWING YOU WILL HAVE ALL INFORMATION. let me know if ur interested. my is [email protected] taking all offers:)Buying PureHey guys looking for a a pure. Stats 50 or 60att. 60+str 1def 82+mage prayer idc and 60range. You must be active member or higher. you must have some vouches. You must have all info. I will use paypal and i will not send as gift (saved me form 2 scammes so far)Looking for f2p pure~ must have 40 attack, no less no more. ~ must have 80+ strength. ~ hopefully has 80+ ranged Will pay RSGP or swap either of the accounts here - :///showthread.php?t=1294358buying purethis is going to sound weird, but a pure wc account. Don't care if every other level is lowest possible lol. Need this for my friend. Will pay for mm and I have only one vouch because I've only done one transaction so far but it went well. pm me or post here. PS. HOPE THIS IS THE RIGHT PLACE FOR THIS X_XSelling lvl 44, 85mage, 10hp!I am selling this great account for Paypal only. The account has an email login. I no longer play runescape so the account is extremely secure. I will post pics if interested! Please just post here or pm me for my . ** All other stats are 1[RSGP] Account Level 48, Good skills & Combat stats [RSGP]I am the second owner of the account, has been in my possession for nearly a year. I have a list of all passwords, date created, date moved, etc. Never had recoveries, never been member. Has a couple quests done. RSGP only, taking best offer. My plans were to make it either a g mauler, or a dds'er. Ran out of time for this account. Contact me via if you are interested, we can talk there.[RSGP] Looking for MaulerRequirements are 90+ str, 50 att Leave Screenshot or your thread and asking price. We will be using a OMM I will go first to Trusted
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