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    [Mage/Fishing]Wanna see what i Can Get From This Money Making Character :)I wanna see what i can get for it. I left it botting over night...Get good good goldBuying a level 3 with 2k zeals.As the title says. I'm offering 150-175 mil rsgp. : [email protected] Make sure it doesnt have recovery questions nor email registered, also pics.[RSGP] 99 Thiev RANGE Pure [RSGP]Was planning on transforming this account to a Range Staker but other things popped up... and WELL here we are -All information will be provided upon purchase- C/B: Quote: Originally Posted by Chosenn One Will buy for 40M, PM if willing to sell A/W: 50M (Eva's Accumulator is already done) -: [email protected] -: qMaFiAp- PM Me if needed extra information.Selling Level 3 Skiller PAYPAL/RSGPI dont play on the account anymore and just want to get rid off it. Has 20 days of membership left from 19/11/2011. Stats: Items: Plus skilling items in bank. Not valuable. Accepting PAYPAL or RSGP. Offer.(RSGP)For sale: awesome defence skiller!(six 99s)(RSGP) ( 1 2)Account has been sold.[Rsgp] 1-72-1 Obby Mauler [90 Mining] [Rsgp] ( 1 2)Hey malibu here with my second obby mauler The account is not quested AT ALL so please dont ask The account has 90 mining making money-making easy. Current offer: 12m autowin: 15m a/w I can give a full recovery test to an OMM or MM paid for by you happy bidding stats: login:[RSGP] FYL's 99% 1 Defence Account Shop [RSGP]: [email protected] NOTE I am always willing to speak on Feel free to ask for PM's I am always willing to split OOM fee's I will never turn down the oppurtunity to use a MM/OMM With every account, you get working recovery information! Dung Pure A/W 40M STATS Initiate Pure A/W 40M STATS5M & It's yours. *FIRST COME FIRST SERVE*Hey Guys, I'm selling a level 49 CB account, With 50 atk, 60 str, 41 dung, 52 hp, 37 smithing, 99 cook, 81 fm, and 4 wc. The account is non-members BUT has a couple members items in the bank worth around 250k or so. *Amulet of Glory's , Teletabs. -The account also has Loyalty outfits in the bank. :// And the username is iAm A MiIf
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