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    Incredible Granite Maul PKing Prodigy! 62 Combat!!Combat: Stats: Quests completed: Already has most of the requirements for Desert Treasure. No recovery questions and no registered email: Auto Win is 30m My is [email protected], add me. Post offers and s here.[RSGP]Beast Chaotic Pure!! 99 Str 81 Dungeon!! [email protected]@K!![SWAP] ( 1 2)Time to part with my chaotic pure. Had rapier and lost it. Looking for RSGP or swapping for a maxed boxer. Must have 90+ combat skills and 1 summoning AND prayer. I am not original owner but I bought from very trusted member and have all creation details. I won't go first. You either go first or get a good MM or OMM at your expenses. Leave offers below and PM me for . AUTOWIN 50M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If pictures don't work: Thanks. -Joebuying zerker and pure! rsgp!Hey guys after two acc's theirs a few requirements i want for both acc's pure - atk: 60, 75 or 99 str: 75+ deff: 1 or 2 pray: 1-52 mage: 94+ range: 90+ quests: must have done dt and horror from the deep zerker - must have a f2p combat of 91-97 atk: 60 or 75 str: 90+ deff: 45 pray: 52 or 43 or 95 mage: 94+ range: 94+ quests: must have done dt, horror from the deep, lunar, fremennik trials, mm i'm paying in rsgp for these acc's unless highly trusted ill go first or we can get a OMM add my : [email protected] i hypercam all trades and are careful so dont try scam thanks[1def]dds/clawrusher[1def]Hey guys im new to sythe and im looking to sell my pure. F U L L Y Q U E S T E D ! GOLD 4 RS OFFERED ME 20$ PAYPAL I CAN PROVE IT WITH THE CODE THEY GIVE! : [email protected] [[level 72 Good Hybrid]]Only looking to sell to trusted members. RSGP only, won't accept any accounts for trades at all. Either want a very trusted member or an OMM, either way i basically want an OMM. Quests done: Desert Treasure Monkey Madness Addy Gloves Animal Magnetism Horror from the deep Inbox me offers, post on here, or email me. My email is [email protected] str - 99 mage - 99 miningSelling this amazing zerk. Combat 103. Would be 104 with 99 attack and then it would be MAXED. Untouchable at that level. Pictures should tell everything including ALL of the quests done. Pure quests are done and several rune mining quests are done. I will sell with or without the mills. The skill total means that you can go on the 1500+ world, great for training because there's very few people on that world. I will also consider swaps for 1 defense pures only. Do not offer me any other type of swap. Vouches and are in my sig. I will only go first to those I feel are trustworthy. I will only except PayPal from those that I feel are trustworthy. I am completely fine with using a trusted MM or OMM. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE ABOVE, DO NOT BOTHER POSTING. S/B=$75 A/W=$150 (I value RSGP at $.80/M)Buying 1Def 80 Dung PureBuying a 1DEF, 80 Dung pure. Att: 70-80 Str: 85+ Def: 1 Prayer: Nothing over 52. Range: Dont care Mage: Dont care Dungeoneering: 80+ Email: in signature. Offer awayBuying Awesomest Of Best Pure $300HEY IM BUYING A AWESOME PURE I GOT A 138,AND A MAXED OUT BARROWS PURE, SO I THOUGHT I NEED A PURE TO MAKE MA COLLECTION FULL. JUST [email protected]
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