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    [PP/RSGP] Range Tanker Has 99! [PP/RSGP]Hi Sythe Users! Today I will be selling my Tank Ranger in the making, so offer away! Enjoy! First off, Rules: -I do NOT go first to anyone unless they have 100+ vouches. So goodluck.. -Very trusted MM will be used or OMM you pay fees. -Must be an Active Member+. -Only accepting Paypal or RSGP! ATTENTION! -It has an E-Mail Username and I don't plan on giving out my E-Mail information! Sorry, I made it with my personal E-Mail therefore I can't just give out the info. Current Bid: Here are some pics:lvl 60- range- lvl 93selling this account because i went bank rupt and decided to just play on main. starting bids 5m. happy bidding. i will not go first official mm you pay fees. pm me if interested or post. stats- combat- 60 :p lame bank =/ - recselling 42 defence pure (rsgp) quick sale!hey guys this is my low level zerker has pretty much nothin in back 1-2 days members i was looking for a fast sale i need gp for my main i will go first since i dont have vouches or anything glZerk Acc BeastLooking for some offers pl0x. Quests done: Lunar Dip Desert Treasure Frem Trials Enlightened Journey-All Routes Unlocked Grand Tree Tree Gnome VillageSelling LVL 73 PURE! 2x 99's! Mith GLOVES ll Fully quested! RSGPHey guys. this is my first account sale for this website, but i have sold accounts before on powerbot. Looking for a quick and easy sale. NOTE: not sure how to post pics, stats are as follows. 60 att 83 str 5 def 77 range 44 pray 99 mage 77 hp 99 woodcutting need any pics? post your below and i can show on computer or ingame! THANKS. RSGP BIDS ONLYYSelling this decent starter pureStats: Bank: Log ins: Not looking for much just message on here and i will look and i will be on for the next few hours so if i dont respond right away message me plz. 13 pray is quested so it is DT ready!lvl 66 combat .50 cents!55 attack 66 strength 51 defense 59 hp. Selling for .50 cents must have good amount of vouches, go first with 'gift' as payment, Or use a MM. you pay fees. Blarrrrr I need .49 more cents to get something i want i1123.photobucket/albums/...apImage2-1.jpg oops wrong place for this, feel free to delete it!Selling Beast 99 str Whip Pure! - Paypalhey guys, dont play rs anymore and want a couple of bucks for this, its a fantastic account, majority of pure quests done + Addy Gloves no recov's + email will be changed to yours on purchase! ACC NOW HAS 70 RANGE! 48 agil 70 cooking etc STATS: [email protected] if intrested
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