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    lvl 91 99 mage 90 str 40 def fully quested 40m bankif you wanna meet in game id be glad, im taking rsgp only tho, not going first either.Selling Starter Granite Pureee/Skiller 75 atk 86 str 92 range 86 mageGranite Pure/Staker great for starting out and has great potential as an account. almost fully quested with addy gloves. (been a while since i been on sry i got stats wrong) 1490 total lvl 155 qp a/w 28m i will do 50/50 or however i know this is my first sale but i want to sell this account so i can sell all my others 1s to. Rs Cash onlyAlfstewart's account shop! Must see. [Rare names, Goldfarms, Mains, Tanks]Welcome to my shop. Why im selling this? Well, I've been playing Runescape for over 4 years and finally decided to move into new things. I'm the orignal owner of these accounts and will provide the correct information to the buyer. If you should have problem with the account I will help you get it back. [email protected] Vouches sythe/showthread.php?t=1168401 Account 1 Autowin: 15M Rare name. A nice starter range dungeon pure. All its skills have been fully botted at Dungeoneering. Has a very rare name aswell. Status: Member No recovers or email set. Account 2 Autowin: 20M A very nice goldfarming account. -> Kingly implings/Aviansies/Red chins Or can be used as a pking account too. Account 3 Autowin 15M Sold to Mr Crack Account 4 Autowin 150M My original main. Has 99 Prayer, curses aswell. Overloads, 94 Dungeoneering; Chaotic Maul, Arcane stream necklace, 120k Dung tokkens and a lot more. Fully quested account. From korasi to Barrow gloves. Has no email registered. Status: Member Any questions? Post here or hit me up on .[RSGP] [TRUSTED] Down Right DOMINATE Staker 98 Dung 440,000 Tokens All ChaoticsOriginal owner is Lucster another extremely trusted member among our community. Post here first then pm me your , if you pm me your without posting you will be immediately ignored. : [email protected] Its got chaotic sword, chaotic rapier, chaotic maul, ring of vigour, and 460,000 tokens.Sellin 85+6 Zerker With 95 Mage Dt DoneAccount with over 1200+ levels. Good Pking account. Not much for wealth though. (Sorry guys) Really looking for a trade for a skiller or a pure. But its also up for bidding Preferably RSGOLD. Posting pics soon[PayPal]Selling 1def pure/99Mage/93str/92 range ( 1 2)So GOONZ wasted 3 hours of my time and his acting all legit just to try and get the bank pin. lmao. he winded up getting me monkey madness exp reward and scamming me over facebook. wow. gf lol thats his ip if anyone wants to have fun. Scammed again: ip of scammer: he took 7m no biggie. no longer going first did twice got love you both time. didnt know runescape was this serious. lmao. STILL LOOKING TO SELL FOR CHEAPER. Easily transferable into a rune pure. def exp quested. New stats. PayPal 'gift' payments ONLY. Not playing ever again so no need for rsgp offers. I'm shipping to boot camp for the USMC on August 6, 2011 so i'll have no time at all for this game anymore. Not looking to love you up my real life career over a game anyway, so i wont be taking the account back/then you dispute the love you over paypal/cops come knocking on my door because i stole your real life money. Not sure how to change the email to unregistered, but once you buy it, you can log on and change it to your email/i will help if its needed. Zamorak and Sarah books are both full.Selling 80 Rune pure / Quested / BGloves/ Cool NameSelling this great starter rune pure or zerker, defense is fully quested, has 177 quest points along with barrow gloves! Pretty much did the hard work for you. Also has membership left! A/W: $25 OR 50MIL RSGP : [email protected] All info will be provided, OMM OR MM WILL BE USED IF NEEDED![RSGP] Lvl 93 Zerk 99 Mage!!Selling this Lvl 93 Zerker Has 1 Months Mem! A/W 40M Taking offers too if interested add me on [email protected]
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