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    [15+VOUCHES][RSGP] ~Selling G2H "Quested" Rune Pure w/ Range & Mage Prod~ [TRUSTED]Hey sythe, i am selling my G2H rune pure. This account is a range & mage prod as well. Currently i have no use for the account, as i will be making g2h pures as a business. This account is a great pker, with the use of a rune sword / g2h combo, i have raked in 2.3m F2P items in a week of pking. Current A/W = 20m "just an a/w" Current offer = N/A - willing to negotiate. Some skills to point out on the account: 77 STR 40 DEF w/ Dragon Slayer Complete "quested rune pure potential w/ G2H" 80 RANGE - "mostly trained through guild, NOTE: NOT BOTTED". 70 MAGE - "Trained under none hp leveling spells" 77 FLETCH - NOTE: not botted. 64 DUNG - NOTE: not botted. 51 RC - NOTE: not botted. Pictures of the account: NOTE: Recov's are registered and will be given to a serious buyer of the account, i took off the email for the buyer to register theirs.handcannon pureI'm selling this account for 10m rsgp. If anyone is interested, please pm me or leave a reply. Login: Blackmarks: Stats: Quests: Edit: combat level is 74 with summoning.Selling a 99 STR & Agility Chaotic Rapier -85 DUNG- FIRE CAPE ZerkerSince I've retired from RuneScape, I'm willing to sell my account. It's a 99 agile/strength zerker, I updated the defence to 45, and it now has a fire cape. A/W: $70 If you're interested, please PM me, reply to these forums, or add my : [email protected] I am the original owner, and I will give you all Recovery Questions & answers. -I highly suggest you go first, unless you are a trusted member, staff member, or using an OMM. Thanks.selling rune pure(rsgp)selling my rune pure for rsgp, all defence qp is quested, rune gloves also includes torso and void range. the email is the log in username so i will change the email, and i will give you the recoveries, you decide who goes first.[buying] Click Here! Buying A Pure [buying]GOT SCAMMED BY STILLYDG, STILL LOOKING TO BUY A PURE. I CAN OFFER ANY GIFTCARD WORTH $20[Selling Level 71 Pure *No Quest* 1Def 80+dung]Selling great dung pure with 328k tokens left +membership Pic 1. Pic 2. Pic 3. Pic 4. Pic 5. A/W: 50mil Or Swap [Looking for A Good Pure With Mith gloves] P.M me if your serious will use a MM tough tradelvl 72 1 def 92 range 60 att 72str look in!!!Im new so we will use OMM. There is no A/W set atm but we will see as bidding goes on. I accept PP or RSGP. PM me with any questions Recovs: Stats: Level:Selling Good Account :) 98 Fishing and 99 Fletch!Hey! im selling this account, its best stats are 98 Fishing and 99 Fletch, i will sell it for GP ingame or Via Paypal. It doesnt have an email and it has recovery questions which i cant remember because i set them so long ago. thankyou for looking
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