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    [RSGP]Selling Starter Turmoil Pure! 95 Prayer! Never had Recoveries! 87 Str! MM Done!sold!!![Sale] Rune Pure(85 Str,72 Rng & 44 Pray) {Only 15.00$} Look pictures for more info!Combat Lvl: flickr/photos/ Stats/Levels: flickr/photos/ Your offer? (I accept 2 months Membership too)Selling acc with 99 Pray and Dunge.Closed.Rs Account Shop! [rsgp][swaps]not selling..Spending 25m!Post your offers + (RSGP)Selling cmb 87 Staker/Boxer [1 Pray/1 Sum] CHEAP(RSGP)Need the gold on my other account and I had this one laying around. Buyer gets all original info, there have never been recoveries or an email registered. Has enough to get started staking. A/W: 12M PICS Bank: Probably 100k more in junk Stats: Login: : [email protected] We can use an MM for this trade if you prefer, but for a trade this small I would be okay with doing a half and half trade. (I give user + pass, you give cash, I give original info). Bid away guysBuying Hybrids! Looking For Dt Pures!Hi im G3t Wrong. Im looking for these stats. G MAUL- 50 att 75+ str 1 def 75+ range 82+ mage 11 prayer dt completed DRAGON- 60 att 75+ str 1 def 75+ range 82+mage 11 prayer dt completed RANGE- 1+ att 1+str 1 def 85+ range 82+ mage 11 prayer dt completed I will be glad to use a mm at ur expense i dont go first unless u are extremly trusted u can go first if u would like to. i have about 34 dollars on my paypal and 22 on wester union. im looking to buy up to 3 pures. post here to sell and amount ur looking for[RSGP] Buying 1def 60attak pure with nice total | Accepting only from trusted membersdeleted
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