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    [Rsgp] Level 89 STAKER MEMBER[Cheap]hey, sick of this account already, just got it but gurrantee no recovery its from my mate, who has had it for awhile, irl friend. not looking for too much on this. post here or leave your too. thanks. - [email protected] Auto win is 20 mill. sorry about second picture hahaha[PAYPAL/RSGP] Cb 79 Void Ranger Ownage Pker 91 ranged!Hello there sythe, I am selling my going to be voider. It owns a lot of pures in members with rune c bow and mage bow already and I was starting to do quests for the hand cannon. There is a lot you could do with this account. TERMS*** I AM LOOKING FOR SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY AN OMM WILL BE USED AND YOU WILL PAY THE FEE OR YOU CAN GO FIRST PRICE*** I am looking for $40 or 50M RSGP ($.83 a mill) *** Only add my if you have already commented on the thread with your offer. [email protected] Thank you and have a look at the pics below![RSGP] Account Sale - Starter Mains/Tanks/Pures [CHEAP]I'm no longer interested in playing any of these accounts, none of them have been botted within the last 6 months, and generally have only been logged into occasionally for short periods of time, I just can't seem to find the time to play on them. I am the original owner of all the accounts and you can be sure to hold me fully responsible if they get recovered at any time. I'll always be available to help you if I can. The accounts come with all recovery details and you can request any info you'd like. Account #1 A/W = 25m Account #2 A/W = 20m Account #3 A/W = 5m Account #4 A/W = 5m Account #5 A/W = 2.5m Feel free to post any questions you have about any account your interested in, I'm not really in any rush to sell, post your offers and when I see an offer I'm interested in I'll probably sell on the spot. Also after the sale, please leave a vouch on my vouches thread, I'm trying to accumulate more so I can begin offering my better more expensive accounts. Post your s when making your offers, or feel free to add me, [email protected] Rune Pure [ Veng + Ancients ]SERIOUS BUYERS ONLY LEAD: $25 USD I WILL NOT GO FIRST, UNLESS YOUR TRUSTED TO ME. If you chose not to go first, you WILL pay for the OMM. NO EXCEPTIONS. THIS WILL ALSO BE CLAIM AND CANCEL PAYPAL. I don't want to get love you in the end. Starting bid: 10M The defence was ALL quested. Lunars done, Monkey madness done, Desert treasure done. Rune gloves. The account does have a Bank Pin && A Email adress set. Once the trade is officialy done, Request a email adress, and i'll accept it. Quests: Reqs: Stats: Offenses: Combat:Selling Rune Pure [ Paypal or RSGP ]Topic closed.Buying decent zerkerI will NOT go first to anyone unless they are a mod or have 100+ vouches. Otherwise you will be going first or use an OMM at your expense or a free MM if i deem them trustworthy. I am looking to buy a zerker with RSGP or swap. add: [email protected]/Init Pure/ 86 Combat Almost Maxed Pure Paypal OnlyAmazing Account Level 86 Combat My Is [email protected] add me for more details PAYPAL ONLY!!!{trusted} {rsgp Swaps} Selling Beastly Lv 61 Staker/pker {rsgp Swaps}Heres the acc it does have recovs they will be provided along with all info to account. And a Recov test can be done as well. The email can be switched over to you as well. My is [email protected] We can u mm ill only go first to trusted members.
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