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    [RSGP] 94 mage, DT done! [Fully quested] [1 defence!] ( 1 2)This is my pure. Has an a/w of 160m without claws. Quests, bank, stats etc below. No swaps. Bank/wealth: Login screen: Stats: Blackmarks: Quests:Looking for Pure or Zerker(Paying with RSGP or Paypal)Hey I'm new to this site and was just interested in buying a Pure or zerker account. Now I know a little about this site and know that I will not go first unless your account is over 6 months and has a good number of vouches. As far as stats go. for the pure I want as followed. 50-60attck 60-99hp 80-99str 1-5def 75-99range 85-99mage 31-52prayer And atleast DT done. Zerker 60-80attck 70-99hp 75-99str 40-50def 70-99range 85-94mage 43-52prayer Atleast rune gloves MM done, and DT. You can Email me at [email protected] Like I said in title I will pay via Paypal or with RSGP your choice. We'll discuss prices when I see your account.Starter Chaotic pure, 80 dung 200k tokensHi, I'm selling a starter chaotic pure, it has 80 dung, 206k tokens and has completed nature spirit. Login: Stats: Tokens: S/B: 20m A/W: 100m Offer away![Swaps/Rsgp]Selling Low level prod tank 80 DEF [Swaps/Rsgp]Selling this level 75 with 80 Defence(20k til 81) prod. The account has full Zuriel's, all god books and 47 qp(Dragon Slayer Complete) pics vv{RSGP/SWAP} Amazing Pure Dirt Cheap {RSGP?SWAP}hey guys im here selling my pure as i need cash for turmoil on my turm pure so thought id sell this i will be going first to trusted people who in my eyes are trusted so scammers gtfo ty for the sake of everyone here are some pics : log in: stats : bank : Addy Gloves :p : im taking both swaps and rsgp , if you need to contact me add my : [email protected] thank you. Goodluck!Selling a 99 str staker (pray 1)Sorry for copying the text from my other thread Hello. Im really tired of RS and have no time for it, hence the thought of selling the acc and buying sth nice for the money, like beer Im the first owner of this acc. It has no recs/email and i will give you all the information related to this account. The user is f2p and the bank is empty. I accept RSGP, moneybookers or FullTiltPoker. Because of the fact that it has pray 1, I will definitely not go first. We either use a MM (the buyer will be paying) or you go first (which will most likely not happen cuz im new here ) Havent thought of an A/W yet, so just offer in the thread and leave ur .[RSGP]Selling great starter pureIve decided to just continue and work on my main account, I enjoy it alot more. Im selling this pure account Notable Thing's MM done Mith Gloves Done Full Book of War Full Book of Balance Quested Attack Saradomin Cape Starting bid is $20 or 28m RSGP I accept rsgp at 0.70/m but only accept MoneyPak Cards for paypal Will remove all recovs and email b4 selling Its an email login. add my [email protected] for offer's not accepting swap's. Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with ImageShack.usBUYING BEASTLY f2p PURE 30m rsgpok guys im looking for an f2p pure the stats i would like it to have are no higher then 40 att 80+ str 80 - 85 + ranged 70 - 75 hp if any1 has an account like this and would like to sell post it on this topic and ill pm you my must have 1 prayer
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