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    ||| Stakers, Pkers, Skillers |||I'm selling a few accounts for a great price. I will go first to trusted members, otherwise we will use an OMM. All accounts have no recoveries, or email registered I am the original owner of all these accounts, and can provide all previous information, (creation date, ISP, Prev passwords etc) Account 1 Autowin 10M Account 2 RFD, MM, DT completed as well as a filled unholy book. Great mber! Autowin 25M Account 3 DT complete, Great Mber! Autowin 25M Account 4 Autowin 20MBuying pure 100M Left!Im buying a pure with desert treasure done.. It must be 1 defence and atleast 82 magic. Scammers dont try because it dont work. Thanks, [email protected] 1 def Maxed pure [RSGP][PP]I made this a few days ago and got no offers, so here I go again. I'm looking for a maxed pure [99 str, 99 attk, 99 range, 99 mage] Must have 1 defense! 1 summoning Constitution could be whatever. I prefer to have 1 prayer, but it is understandable if it is higher. I will pay in RSGP and paypal I will only go first to trusted members. If you are not trusted and want me to go first, please do not post. Please post pictures. You must have evidence of owning the account! [Meet me ingame, etc.]Selling 94 Ancient Magicks Pure!!!Here are it's levels... I know it's got 17 def, but i got hacked once, all my money stolen and they got it's def to 17. The 17 def only made it combat twice though, so please take this into consideration.Selling GOOD Zerk Account (Veng, Ancients, Firecape)Uhhmm alright all im excepting is rsgp, 25M is A/W Starting Bid: 22M MM- Either you go first, or find and pay for a trusted MM yourself. Recoverys in order----- Recovery 1 - Question1- Sythe1- Answer1- SytheOrg1 Recovery 2 - Question2- Sythe2- Answer2- SytheOrg2 Recovery 3 - Question3- Sythe3- Answer3- SytheOrg3 Recovery 4 - Question4- Sythe4- Answer4- SytheOrg4 Recovery 5 - Question5- Sythe5- Answer5- SytheOrg5selling a mage pure...ancient magicks here are the levels... I know that it has 17 def, but this is because i was hacked, all my money stolen and they got it to 17 def, but the 17 def only combatted it twice. Please take this into max 138 99 dung herb for 1 def purepure just has to be maxed 99 str,mage,range 1 sum 52 or less pray main has 6 chaotics 1k extream sets 800+ ovl 500+ super prays lot of achivement diary armor beast total[RSGP] 1 def 99 strengthhey everyone its joe, i am selling one of my pures and it is awesome. there is recorvery questions but they will be givein to you when the account is purshed same with all the info in .txt document. old passwords recorverys everything. pm me for
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