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    lvl 83+4 5 def pure with 89 str 81 attack 94 dungeoneeringits never been hacked or botted offers? --------------------------RSGP----------------------------[SWAPS] swapping 111 chaotic barrows pure and rune pure for 1 decent pure!!!i am swapping my main and my rune pure for any pure lower than 40- defence which involved hand cannoners, 1 def pures, hand cannoners, initiate pures and rune pures, i am iwlling to swap these 2 acc's for 1, here are some of the pics of both the acc's i am willing to swap No 1 Main/Barrows Pure (comes witch fully charged chaotic rapier, fighter torso, fulll range void, full zammy book, crystal bow and alot of effigies and korasi requirments) No 2 Rune Pure/Hand Cannoner (comes with rune defender, rune gloves close to drag, hand cannon, hell cat and 89qp) So there it is, anymore information please pm if you are intrested, thanks[BUYING ACCOUNT]90+ range, str 1 def [PAYPAL][BUYING ACCOUNT]90+ range, str 1 def [PAYPAL] 90 range, strength, 1 defence ONLY thanks. Post screenies and ill offer you, i purchase accounts with AUD via paypal. Email: [email protected][LF]// [-{CLEAN}-] 90+ range 90+ str 60 attack {ONLY}closed[$15] Selling 72CB Initiate/mystic pureATK - 60 STR - 78 DEF - 20 RANGE - 71 MAGE - 94 HP - 71 PRAYER - 43 QUESTS - DT, LOST CITY, HFD, DEATH PLATEAU MONEY/ITEMS - 18.5M CASH, SEVERAL HUNDRED CASTS OF ALL ICE/BLOOD/SMOKE SPELLS. EITHER POST BACK, PM ME, OR AIM ME AT chippewa183buying a maxed out turmoil brider. 200mI am looking for a maxed out brider that will cost 200m or less.Buying dungeoneering acc!Hey sythe, I'm trying to buy any kind of dungeoneering pure/skiller! Pretty much as long as it's under 10 def! I'm buying with RSGP, but my budget is rather low =s, so I'm not looking for a full out 80 dung "OMFGORZ BEAST" pure, just a good starter pure/skiller than I can eventually move into a rapier pure/staker! Well anyway, contact me at: [email protected] ASAP! =D Here's my vouch thread! sythe/showthread.php?t=1207476 Thanks for reading! I have also recently opened an account shop, so if the account is higher dung or cb, I can offer you a combination of RSGP + An account! Some of my accounts that I'm trying to sell are pretty solid! Including this account:[pp] selling a level 62, 1 def, 1 prayer, 40 attFirst off, I take paypal and nothing else. Middle man can be viable if you pay for it and he can prove on the spot that he is an official MM. ~ I'm not going first ~ I know how this website works I lurk here quite frequently, I also understand this is a relatively new account. If you have any problems with that, close the thread now and save yourself the effort. At the same time scamming is almost inevitable here but quite frankly if anybody is going to attempt a scam, save yourself the effort, as I'm not stupid (to the contrary) and it's only going to be a waste of my time and yours. Private message me any offers or feel free to post and bump this thread I don't have an a/w but any reasonable offers won't be turned down. NO A/W currently [email protected] is my address. If you don't have and need to contact me for questions, offers or anything similar in nature feel free to private message me. LOGIN: STATS: BANK: Appeal status: [email protected] is my address. If you don't have and need to contact me for questions, offers or anything similar in nature feel free to private message me. If a buyer feels its necessary and also at the same time if I deem fit, I will make my phone number available to this said person so that they can contact me for reassurance purposes. I'm located in Australia. ALSO: If any mods of administrators happen to browse this thread, could you please include the follow at the start of my thread title "[PP]". Thank you.
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