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    Selling 20 Def pure (quested) + RSC VEThey looking to sell this fairly quickly....taking all swaps and no paypal its also level 116 IN RUNESCAPE CLASSIC!!Mike's Account Shop!Mike's Account Shop All accounts are owned by me, I will be happy to prove my ownership of them in game. I am always willing to use an MM or OMM at your expense. I'm a legit trader. None of my accounts have any blackmarks. All acounts have skills shown and some have small banks like 100k at most they were my old pking/ accounts tht i didn't like anymore. I just recovered them back and it automatically saved my email im working on changing them as this is my main email. But if i can ill give you the mail adress. I will not recover these back as i have a 126 main and have no need for these. The two high level accounts have some membership left but it will end by 30th of sept. For any information on the accounts or anything else in general, add me on : [email protected] or : moose3025 Pirces: account 1=5m account 2=20m account 3=20m account 4=8m account 5=6m account 6=8m i am always willing to come down in price but these prices u will get the account no hassle and ill pay for a mm or omm. Terms of Service You go first, or we use a . If using an OMM, you pay the fees. I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason. I can call off the trade at any time for any reason. I will only sell when i'm satisfied with the price. I will possibly go first to people with 25+ vouches or people with OMM/MM status. Account 1 gyazo/be937304d2f106c3ad2da9e43fdb1005 Account 2 gyazo/12cf3b8aac6655b93c304a77d7b5d005 Account 3 gyazo/7f033da6a7f99f2cae3da762c16f8c1b Account 4 gyazo/cb6a36c8dfded5786feac3da6674600c Account 5 gyazo/eee57a2dbe148667b27ff107b3a55f39 Account 6 gyazo/9ae76b307c923bde033e373e969edf59 k just message me here, post an offer, or message me on or . Thanks!◘◘◘Selling 3 Accounts for the Price of 2◘◘◘(Paypal Only)I am selling three accounts for paypal only or playerup! (Cheaper with Paypal, but not going first) Add me on : [email protected] 99 Hunter Good Pure 99 Cooking+SkillCape[Iso] Obby Or G Mauler [Iso]Buying either an Obby or G Mauler Requirements for Obby Mauler: 1 Attack 99 Str 1 Defense 1-13 Prayer (Only if Mith Gloves) Requirements for G Mauler: 50 Attack 99 Str 1 Defense 31 Prayer (Must have Mith Gloves) 82 Magic (With Blitz) OMM will be used with recovery tests Please don't post if you have less then 100 posts and joined 2011 Please post pictures Not looking to spend more then 85mAccount shop! (raresrsCrs2)Accepting rsgp and paypal. For the first two accounts have bunny ears, I am starting the bids at 25m rsgp or 15$ paypal. STARTING BID Bids will increase if others are interested. ~ The first 2 accounts are also able to log in runescape classic, and pumpkinq can log in rs classic as a VETERAN as well. pumpkinq has full runed long in rsc Account #1 has santa hat on rs classic For those wondering; Who is Valentine? That is a name I use on a private server with a black market for which I have quite a few vouches. I am also selling the RARE account named "Defence" ~ I bought it around a year + ago from a friend in real life who is now in the air force. Accepting rsgp and paypal ONLY ~ "[email protected]"[5+ ACCS SOLD] Selling 2 91+ STR ACCOUNTS + 1 DEFENCEVouches - sythe/showthread.php?t=1225898 no swaps, ive sold a few accounts before.....RSGP ONLY Contact - [email protected] this ones 95 combat sold this ones 65 combat i think soldSelling 81 dg account with 220k tokens 1 def and 40 atk ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page)Account is ready to rape. Nuff said. Recovs are pending until july 12. If nobody purchases by then I'll just keep the account. Current Highest Bid: $45 (With me having to pay OMM fees love you that if you buy we're using regular MM or you're going first) Auto Win: $75MRgreen's Cheap acc sale.Acc 1 A/W 15m/15$ CB: 11+2 f2p Acc 2 A/W 30m/30$ CB: 79 fp2 Got zamorak book unholy book, full Acc 3 A/W 70m/70$ CB 102+7 member till 9th next month. 94 herb + alot of pots 84 atk and 74 def now. Acc 4 CB 116+5 Not member A/W 100m/70$ Good pking/pvm accout Banks on all accounts is empty from value items. Account 3 is member till the end of this month. if you want more information about the accounts pm or post here. Accept PayPal And rs gold
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