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    {rsgp}awesome Pure Very Cheap Price{rsgp}starting bid 5m autowin 15m so as for the account it has dt done monkey maddnes no rfd anyways im selling this pure really cheap as you can see in all my other posts im getting rid of old accounts leave a comment below, pm me or add me on [email protected] i know the pure has 10 def but it was only because i got hacked by some fucktards who well really love you me good in the love you anyways dont post unless your interested in it good luck on buyer!|RSGP| Perfect Ini Pure|Firecape|Rgloves|FULLY Quested|RSGP| ( 1 2 3)Hello sythe im interested in selling my initiate pure. Edit: NOW DONE DRAGON HAI QUEST Rules & Procedure: I WILL NOT go first. I WILL use a middle man. I ONLY accept rsgp. When offering post + offer. Account Info: The account has 1 month + members. It is fully quested. It has rune gloves. It has a firecape. It is READY to pk.[PP] Nice staker (boxer) 1sum/pray. Still p2p. Click to see itHey! So as you see i'm selling this beauty! Looking for paypal Will not go wirst We will use Omm u pay fee Post your offer, and leave contact there! NOT MEMBER ANYMORE. Pictures 40$ ONLY NOWLooking for 60 attack turmoil pure!Must be 60 attack and 30 defence with rune gloves. Only buying off trusted members, will pay for omm fees. Post a pic of your account, and how much you want for it. If I like it i'll add your .[PAYPAL GIFT]94 Range, 82 Mage, 70 Def, 52 Pray TANK! 6m+Ok So I've had this account for a while, but since i dont have my own computer any more I'm just going to sell my accounts. This is my Tank ranger, it used to be a main.. Heres some pics. Bank (Got a bit bored and ended up drawing stickmen ) Stats Login I can speak on [email protected] Or Pm me on this. I WILL NOT GO FIRST. You go first, or pay for a TRUSTED OMM. Not looking for much, but post your offers or add my . Thanks.[RSGP] AMAZINGLY CHEAP 94 magic 85 rng 1 def 60 att 71 str pure [PAYPAL]Hello guys im selling this account as i need quick money for my main.. A/W : 18m / 18$ : [email protected] if u'll pm me withing today / tomorrow u'll get it for even cheaper.. i probably WONT go first as i got scammed 7 outta 8 trades so far ...[PP] Selling 97cb MainPost your offer here[RSGP][PP] Selling an ideal staker, 75/60/70, 70 HP and 75 magic for SoL! ( 1 2)I've made millions of cash with this account and decided to start a new one, a HP/range pure, so I do not need this account anymore. It has a good name, 80% of the time people mistake when they look me up Accepting RSGP, PayPal. - [email protected] Stats: CB 78 Login:
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