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    [FAST] High Turmoil Zerker/95 Slay [RSGP]Hi need to sell my pure and fast not used for a while im the only and original owner ahs ~15m bank in items; was gonna get 99 slay before HP legit - Barrows Gloves firecapes turmoil imbued rings - looking for RSGP. Kind of rare name - 3 letter word pm me for it. : [email protected] i will request a pm on sythe and u must post before adding pics: The way it will work is i let u login for proof then you pay me then you get all the details under the sun; i have them all. Will sell low if your fast and legit. No problem with using on OMM but its your expense. It is f2p. May accept paypal if i feel i can trust you which is unlikely unless you go first.[PAYPAL][RSGP] Lvl 104 Pker. 3 99's OVERLOADS,3 CHAOTICS,99 DUNG, 99 HERB, 99 AGIPayment and rules -I am selling this account for RSGP AND PAYPAL only. -Autowin is 100m or 100$ . Also accepting rares such as Santa hats, edibles, H'ween masks, etc. Willing to also sell for less than the a/w -I will NOT go first . You go first otherwise we can use a mm you pay fees. -Post here or add my : [email protected] The account has VENG, BARRAGE, TELEBLOCK, and is basically a zerker killer. If you get 70 defence you can wear ahrims to basically beat the crap out of any zerker hybrid your level. Happy Bidding![PAYPAL][XBL] Selling Level 72 Dragon Claw Pure | 99 Magic | 25M+ BankI am looking to sell this level 72 dragon clawer. I put a lot of work into this account but I quit runescape a few weeks ago and a friend suggested I try to sell my accounts on sythe so here I am. I am the original owner and have all recovery information. There are no email or recoveries set. We will use a omm you pay the fee's because I am unable to. I will not go first so please don't ask. I am accepting paypal or xbox live products (Microsoft points, Live time, Beta Codes, Og Gamertags) My is [email protected] staking account!!I'm looking to either buy a boxer or a rapier pure with 1 pray and summon. I am offering either RSGP or PayPal. Post in this thread, PM me, or add me on at: [email protected](RSGP Only) Level 95 / 99 str / torso and rune defender (RSGP Only)Title says all. I will take off email when i find a buyer. MM is also done and has a double spaced name! : [email protected] A/W: 15mSelling 99 range 73 combat 1 prayHey sythe I'm selling what could easily be an amazing tank ranger. Selling for 15m a/w because i no longer need this account i've decided to start up a new 1 defence DT pure(if anyone wants to add me in game just pm me for my name) I accept pretty much all methods of payment I have all recovery info you need. The email linked to the account is a throwaway email that you will also receive when you purchase. I have no problem going first if i see you as trustworthy. Post offers here first then email me at [email protected] Membership expires the first of march.selling my pure~addy gloves~ DT done~ MM done~ unholy bookI have tryed to sell this account before but the other person recovered the account he traded me! So I am trying to resell this please dont try to scam me. here are pics: my is [email protected] aw is 50m i am only accepting rsgp. NOTE: no longer a member[RSGP] Selling Awesome 71Dungeoneering Pure Look Inside! [G2H/Rapier]Hey guys, im here to sell my awesome pure with 71 Dungeoneering, Gravite Rapier, Gravite 2H sword and with a decent bank. All info comes with it, i won't go first, Omm/mm could be used. It comes with a funny name, and it's pretty famous in world 57 and 136. It has 5 defence for Tyras helm and Basic decorative equipment. It currently has a max hit of 278 in Non members! Here are some pictures. Bid away!
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